the Heart of the Occupy Movement

At Center for a Stateless Society I read that Thomas Knapp has summarized his experience with the Occupy St. Louis movement and  reported that the movement had “an ideological center of gravity somewhere in the neighborhood of ‘mild reform Democrat.’

Doug Henwood of the Left Business Observer described the OWS agenda “Jobs for All” which was unanimously approved by the OWS Demands Working Group (LBO News, October 20)  as a “massive jobs program” and said that left-anarchists are trying to block its adoption by the General Assembly.

It is beginning to look like the “occupy” movement is a bunch of “Leftists” asking for the same old “progressive” socialism that they have been asking for over these last hundred years or so. They want to keep corporatism but make sure they get more of the corporate goodies.

They have been called, “a bunch of “Leftists” who are nostalgic for retro capitalism.” Not a bad description.


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