A quote

“Libertarians understand that providers under capitalism – in their lexicon meaning the free market without government intervention – have no choice but to offer the best goods and services at the lowest possible prices. If they don’t, someone else will. This is not ‘unbridled’ capitalism. Every shopper, every purchaser, every consumer, everyone who pays for services or products, is the bridle of every provider in the marketplace. Companies don’t have armies of enforcers gong from door to door demanding that consumers buy from them or go to jail. If they did they wouldn’t be companies, they would be the equivalent of governments, and if they could do that they wouldn’t bother selling products or services, they would just take people’s money at gunpoint.” ~Garry Reed

Interesting quote. Mr. Reed sums up the difference between the voluntary cooperation of free trade and the coercion of the rulers and their rules. Perhaps an even better quote came later when he wrote:

“Blaming Wall Street for “controlling” Congress is like blaming The Other Woman for “controlling” a cheating husband.”

The “occupy” movement is looking at the small fry and refuses to look at the real force behind their discontent.




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