Klaatu barada nikto

I know what you’re thinking, not only is there no factual basis for supposing an alien attack, there is not even evidence of any intelligent life existing beyond the planet Earth; or even on it maybe. But we can restrain the robot Gort’s violent powers only by saying to it: “Klaatu barada nikto.” If we do, Gort will return to his spacecraft and earthlings will be left to contemplate Klaatu’s warning. Warning? Yes, Klaatu’s warning is that mankind is on the very eve of destruction. We are a threat to life in the universe. Change or be destroyed.

Carl Jung observed that the “dark side” resides within each of us, ready to be mobilized when we are adequately provoked. Around the world, it seems that people have been pushed beyond the breaking point.

In periods of great social turbulence we find “others” on to which can be directed our latent fears, anger, and uncertainties and neither intelligence nor formal education protect us from error. For example, in the Salem witch trials of old there was the infamous Cotton Mather and he was a Harvard graduate whose father was even president of that university. Today, we have many advanced graduates of elite universities spewing utter nonsense that even the under-educated cab drivers know is crazy. And yet we listen for some reason.

As our civilization continues its entropic collapse we had all best remember the magic words “Klaaut barada nikto”. Let us pray to the gods that the words work!


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