Butler Shaffer:

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that has been the most difficult for the statists to corrupt into a warmongering celebration of political systems. Memorial Day (what was called “Decoration Day” in my youth), July 4th (previously known as “Independence Day”), Labor Day, and Veterans Day (what was originally called “Armistice Day” with its anti-war implications) were long ago transformed into state-worship. Even Christmas — celebrating the birth of the “prince of peace” — has been conscripted into the cause, with Santa Claus appearing in his new red, white, and blue uniform.

It would be great to live in a society that honored peace, prosperity, and mutual cooperation. I doubt I will ever see that in America. More is the pity.

Murray Rothbard was ever optimistic over the chances for peace, freedom, and liberty during his lifetime. I hope he was right.

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