We support evil governments

I saw that John Glaser linked to the times in a comment at antiwar.com. This is just one more example of the USA propping up evil governments around the world.

New York Times:

Mohammad Daim Kakar, the director general of Afghanistan’s disaster assistance agency, confirmed that camp officials, parents and religious leaders in two of the camps in Kabul had reported the deaths of 21 children from the cold, as well as two elderly adults. The New York Times, quoting similar sources, found 22 cases of children under 5 who had died there as of last week, with a 23rd case reported on Sunday.


Mr. Glaser has it right. This is just a small glimpse of the living conditions in the country we’ve been tearing apart.

So why are we still there? Are we afraid that these people will hurl sand at us from the other side of the globe? Bring the troops home and let the world heal!


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