A plan …

“You can only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

This is a plan to “save” America. By “America” I mean the people of North America and not the government called the USA. It could be that the peopleof America will not respond well without rulers and will demand government much like the Biblical story of Israel demanding a king.What problems does the nation-state and her people face at present? I list a few of them:

1) We have a crushing debt burden of unprecedented proportions that will have to be acknowledged and dealt with.

2) We have a government-military-industrial-security-bureaucratic complex that feeds on war and uses fear to get its meal. It is central to many of our woes and it will be difficult to erase. The alliance will not go gently into the night.

3) We have a militarized, out-of-control police state that is increasingly brutal. It looks to be copying the methods of the USSR for some reason.

4) The continual wars both foreign and domestic (i.e. “war” on drugs) has made the country insane. There may be many other reasons, but the insanity is all around us.

5) We have become a fascist economy (or use “corporatist” if you prefer) and the elite have shipped the industrial jobs overseas which has crushed the “middle class”.

6) The country is hated around the globe by the majority of the humans on the planet. It is generally a bad idea to make enemies of everyone.

7) We face massive inflation. This is a civilization killer; see numerous historical examples.

So, what to do? Wait for some leader to be elected president who will recognize our problems and fix them all? Any betting men around willing to lay down odds on that one occurring? Ron Paul is a possibility, but if he did win would the CIA even let him be sworn in?

The hardest thing might be just to get Americans to recognize the problems. I hear far too often that “America is number one!”. I was even attacked once by a cabal of government worshipers one time for pointing out our massive debt meant that the government would never meet its obligations to the elderly and that it would go bankrupt if it tried. Just print more money was the cry. Hard to believe now that so many were that ignorant of the real situation.

Perhaps a strong Ron Paul run in the Republican primaries will air some of our problems and lead a portion of the “conservatives” toward understanding our problems. A few pundits on the left are trying to impress the Democrats of our peril. Perhaps the time is ripe to have a real national conversation on where we really are. The mainstream media seems hell-bent on stopping any real discussion of our problems: hence their animosity toward Ron Paul.

But, let us suppose for a moment that we got the people to drop their ideological differences for a period of time and got them to face the issued. What can be done?

1) We have to withdraw the military from the world and cut its size by at least 95%. Perhaps we could sell aircraft carriers to the Chinese.

2) The CIA (and other spook agencies) would have to go. We can not afford them starting more wars and destabilizing entire regions based on their internal logic. The CIA looks like some agency designed by Joe Stalin.

3) We cut the budget drastically. The cut of the military portion goes a long, long way but is not enough. If we honor the SS commitment to our elderly population we will need to cut out any other areas that we can live without.

4) We repudiate the national debt. That is federal, state, and local debt. Total repudiation. We declare bankruptcy and start anew.

5) We repeal almost all federal laws and regulations. Let the 50 states regulate as they will: and we honor the 10th amendment in the bill of rights. The power to regulate is what draws the businessman into the political realm seeking to control the government. We can not back away from a fascist economy until the government gets out of the business area. Many will scream at this because they are so unread in real economics — but honestly folks, could it get any worse than it is now? Could it?

6) We hold a constitutional convention. If we are to be a nation governed “by the people” then it is time to let “the people” have a chance to set the rules. 230+ years of “interpretation” by nine people in black ropes has destroyed the constitution. To hell with “original intent”; let us re-write the damn thing in modern English and have youtubes of delegates telling us what they mean by the words they use in the document.

7) We seriously consider if mob-rule is the best way to govern. Does no one look at the “tyranny of the majority” in college anymore?

Do I hold out any hope of this happening? Of course not, we are slouching towards Gomorrah and are already on the outskirts of the city.


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