a story about being in deep shit …

It was autumn and the weather was getting colder as winter was drawing in. A little sparrow had observed all these other birds flying off to warmer climes and decided to try it himself. But he didn’t really have a handle on migration and flew off to the North rather than to the South. As a consequence the harder and further he flew the colder and wetter he became.

Eventually dog tired, his wings iced up and unable to flap them anymore, the little sparrow dropped like a stone from the sky and landed in a field in Norway. As he lay there freezing to death a cow came by. The cow then shat all over the little bird. Buried completely in shit the shit began to warm up the little bird and it began to feel better. Thinking that spring had suddenly come the little sparrow began to chirp with joy. As it was chiping with joy a cat came by. Hearing the birds chirping the cat scrapped away the cow shit, grabbed the little bird and then ate it.

Not everyone who drops you in the shit is necessarily your enemy. Not everyone who gets you out of the shit is necessarily your friend. If you are in the shit you should keep your mouth shut.


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