a short word on democracy

“Democratic” decision making is a means for finding and implementing the will of the majority; it has no other function. It serves, not to encourage diversity, but to prevent it.

David Friedman

In the modern western world we have seen the people come to the conclusion that somehow “democracy” would lead to heaven on earth. Somehow democracy would lead to peace and prosperity. Somehow democracy would guarantee justice and fairness to all.

How did the masses come to believe this load of codswallop? What is the “free” government schooling? Was it the propaganda arm of the government that we call the “Main Stream Media”? Have the people become so uneducated about history that they have no concept of the tyranny of the majority? If the majority is the ruler what is to stop it from expropriating the minority? What is to stop it from enforcing the majority’s religion? what about its language or culture?

” … The great German sociologist Franz Oppenheimer pointed out that there are two mutually exclusive ways of acquiring wealth; one, the above way of production and exchange, he called the “economic means.” The other way is simpler in that it does not require productivity; it is the way of seizure of another’s goods or services by the use of force and violence. This is the method of one-sided confiscation, of theft of the property of others. This is the method which Oppenheimer termed “the political means” to wealth. …” (Rothbard)

If the majority gets to decide who to steal from, will they steal from themselves or the minorities? More to the point, how is man ever to learn to live in peace and prosperity as long as the majority is ruling via theft, raw force, and tyranny? When do individuals get to live life without being coerced?

I think Hans-Herman Hoppe said it best:

Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.

Democracy is the “god” of the masses. It has led to wars, tyranny, oppression, reduced national productivity, massive public theft, and a host of other evils. Perhaps it is time to take a hard look at our present system and ask ourselves, “how is this working out for us?”.


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