euphemism and transparency in government …

It seems to me that the use of euphemism to cover up very unpleasant acts (at times illegal acts) on the part of the government of the United States is related to the issue of transparency in government. The media in the US, with exceptions in the alternate media, overwhelmingly attempts to perpetuate the myth that America is ‘the Good in the world’ and so may do anything to achieve the ends it deems proper.

We can not gain control of this democracy as long as it is normal, acceptable, and expected that government officials are able to “spin” the story to their advantage and to the furtherance of whatever policies the government deems proper at the time. (and they spin to cover their own ass)(*)

If the people can be aroused to demand the truth from politicians, leaders of all types, journalists, teachers, and so forth even when the lie is advantageous to your own situation then we do have a small chance to peacefully bring this government under control. But this chance is small, as most people love the myths that they believe almost as much as life itself.


(*) In fact, so many people are complicit in the wrongdoing of the government at all levels that lying for the government and lying to cover one’s self merges into a single purpose.


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