Police abuse their authority?

I see by Radley Balko that:

Houston has a noise ordinance that leaves what is and isn’t a lawful level of noise completely to the discretion of police officers. Shockingly, there’s some evidence that some officers might be abusing their noise-assessing authority.

Now that little ditty makes a perfect test of one’s expectations about police, authority, and government.

I would imagine that some so-called “law and order” conservatives would be surprised that their heroes are not all perfect and will be looking to see if dirty hippy types are spreading lies about the Houston police. I would suspect that the nations so-called “progressives” or “modern-liberals” will not be as surprised but still think that laws are wonderful tools to make the unwashed masses more cultured.

I am not surprised that the Houston politicians gave discretionary power to their goons in blue. I would be more shocked if the politicians realized what a danger to society that the police really are. I am further not shocked that the police are thugs and goons who abuse any power given to them. That is why the degenerates became police officers in the first place.

I am surprised only that the nations people are being turned slowly into slaves of the state without much of a protest at all. That is the shocker.


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