National debt and the end of the American empire

The US National Debt Clock tells us that today the official US National Debt breaks down to just over $50,000 per individual or about $139,000 per taxpayer. But that $50,000 does not include the 62 Trillion in unfunded liabilities that works out to about $529,000 per household.

This massive public debt piled on top of the massive private debt, plummeting property values, joblessness, foreclosures, student loan debt, and tight or no credit tells me that the USA is done. Bankrupt. Hopeless. The Keynesians have destroyed the economy.

This is bad news for the American citizen, but this may be good news for innocent men, women, and children around the globe who have been the subject of American domination by force, fraud, and intimidation. Perhaps it might be good news for the American citizen himself if we see the crash of the totalitarian governemnt and its replacement by a much better system.

Ron Paul will not be president. One of two warmonger tools of the elite will be president. Hang on, it is going to be a bumpy ride to the bottom.


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