Tactics for libertarians in these days

I can not predict when socialism as a political and economic philosophy will end; I only know that it must end. Libertarians often talk about what will happen when the present system crashes and burns. No one knows really; we can only prepare by educating the masses on what laissez-faire free-markets mean. We can only educate them that there is no function that government can provide that private, voluntary cooperation will not provide much better.

We must teach that socialism employs unjust means like raw brutal force, theft, coercion and the denial of private property rights, in order attempt to achieve the impossible dream of ending permanently the natural differences among people. Murray Rothbard told us that egalitarianism was simply a Revolt Against Nature.

There is a looming economic crisis lying just ahead and the resultant social crisis may well be the death of the USA as we presently know it. This could be like the old joke of “my mother-in-law went over a cliff in my new sports car”. It could be good in the long run but horrible in the near term. Good libertarians stand in a position to expedite the present system’s death and perhaps drive a stake through the heart of the false philosophy of collectivism that has spiritually and economically impoverished the Western world for over a century.

We must seek to help our fellow citizens understand what socialism is, for our present system is socialism. Or it is fascism. Or it is collectivism. Let us not get hung up on labels. Socialism at its core is a system based on force, fraud, coercion and theft. Under threat of violence or imprisonment, socialists take citizen Bob’s property and give it to citizen Sam while keeping a large portion for its own use. The busy bodies also take control of your property at every turn down to telling you what you may eat. (no? just you wait)

Both “liberal” and “conservative” socialists/collectivists/fascists sometimes borrow each other’s methods and tactics. Both subcategories of the socialist ideology are based on utilitarian  reasoning. They think that the “ends justify the means”. If making everyone “the same” is the goal, then there is nothing that a “liberal” would not do to achieve this end. Although their methods may differ slightly, collectivists of all stripes must fundamentally upset the natural human order. They seek to cause the masses to believe that only the tax-funded state and not the family, friends, neighbors, church and other voluntary institutions can provide real comfort, safety, security and protection. Modern “conservatives” are every bit as controlling as modern “liberals”. There does not seem to be a war they don’t love; be it a foreign war or some “war on crime”.

Libertarians must educate themselves on the goals and tactics of the State and its all its minions, as well as educate themselves on the laissez-faire, voluntary cooperation that must replace it. Then comes the hard part; you must seek to convince your friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone who will listen to you. You must be prepared. You must read and understand the many objections to liberty and the answers to these objections.

Go, make a difference. Start today.


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