An Aardwolf on the Empire

Ray McGovern wrote in a resent column that in CIA jargon ‘an “Aardwolf” is a label for a special genre of intelligence report from field stations abroad to headquarters in Washington. An Aardwolf conveys the Chief of Station’s formal assessment regarding the direction events are taking in his or her country of assignment – and frequently the news is bad.’ It is claimed that an Aardwolf is relatively rare and is so important that it is read by Washington staff avidly.

A special report from the the agent of another country concerning the USA to his bosses in another land at this point in time might well be an “Aardwolf” report. The strongest empire the world has ever seen is falling into tyranny, barbarism, corruption, and is in real danger of becoming the strongest police state the world has ever seen.

The US Empire is bankrupt financially and may become highly dangerous to other countries around the world as it comes spinning apart due to running out of money and credit. We all watched in horror as the USSR came apart fearing that they would take the world down with them as a major nuclear power. Russia and the world survived that experience but can the world survive the USA coming apart?

The Empire is also bankrupt morally and ethically. Crony-Capitalism, corruption, fraud, dishonesty, and perversions are the order of the day here among politicians and Empire agents at all levels. Hypocrisy has reached levels unseen on planet Earth before.

The US empire has announced to the world with the  “National Defense Authorization Act” that the new American way is guilty until proven innocent. This is only one in an endless line of liberty smashing moves the US government has made over the last hundred years. And more will come. Along with the idea that you are guilty until proven innocent is the idea that the Empire can hold you in jail without even charging you for as long as it desires. An in unison with these facts is the idea that no citizen deserves any privacy at all.

The US Empire has now reached the point where overly militarized police agents are swarming the country terrorizing the population to keep them in line with fear and loathing. SWAT teams routinely bust into citizens houses in the middle of the night and shoot the pets first. “Puppycide” has become a new word in the American vocabulary. And now the SCOTUS has formalized into law the idea that any order by the central government must be followed or you may be fined and loose everything. There is no longer any effective limit to the power of the central government.

We have reached the point were it is not “over the top” to say that the USA has become a very dangerous tyranny, a police state,  with more military power than the world has ever seen.

The report from here is bad, very bad. Bad for US citizens and bad for the whole world. Hysterical fear may be the most rational reaction at this point.


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