Americans and their scapegoats

When Americans look around the world and see what their government is up to in foreign policy, they see horrible examples of the American empire brutally attacking innocent foreign lands. Even though the mainstream media, priesthood of the modern state religion, works to hide the most egregious crimes of the empire, most Americans do see the facts of American brutality sooner or later. But Americans don’t want to admit that their government is the aggressor so they like to think that whatever the American Empire is doing is absolutely necessary for the safety of the country and the good of the world.

There are several ways that the public comes to terms with the blatant brutality of the welfare-warfare state both at home and overseas. First there is the idea that these horrible acts were absolutely necessary, and regrettable thought they were, they were unavoidable. In fact, those who don’t see these acts as unavoidable are called “unrealistic” and “dreamers”, or even worse, “appeasers”.

But there is a more powerful method of living with the horror that is the modern American governemnt and that is to blame the scapegoat for making us do these horrible things.

The scapegoat has always had the mysterious power of unleashing man’s ferocious pleasure in torturing, corrupting, and befouling. ~ Francois Mauriac

Heisenberg’s “uncertainty principle” tells us of the subjective nature of our thinking.  What we see or even choose to observe is colored by the perspective of all our learned experiences. As observer we are an inevitable part of the act of the observation. The main stream media in concert with the warfare state that is the American Empire works tirelessly to color our perspective in ways that guarantee we will blame the scapegoat for our own actions. But it is not just the main stream media that helps to perpetuate the evil stereotype that is our valued scapegoat; it is the government itself, schools, governemnt paid for intellectuals, court historians, Hollywood entertainers, and a host of others.

We have many scapegoats in our society but at present the main scapegoat is the Arab or Muslim Terrorist. This scapegoat allows the rulers to shred liberties and freedom at home while committing open acts of raw aggression overseas; all while bankrupting the USA in the process. They say he “hates us for our freedoms”. They say he is so crazy that he would risk his own nuclear annihilation to damage the US. They tell me is is not really human. They also tell me that the middle east terrorist is here! He will blow up your schools! He will blow up your air-planes! He is a good all round scapegoat for use in almost any situation where the State wants to enslave the people. Of course, it turns out that all Arabs or Muslims might be the evil Terrorist so the government can’t be too careful in dealing with these potential mass murderers. On the domestic front, the “horrid drug user” is also a good scapegoat to excuse the countless problems we have in our society. The “druggie” is a great one to blame for the screw ups that governemnt produces domestically.

Obviously we need to fight the stereotypes and scapegoats that the State uses to control us.  People like Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, Glenn Greenwald, Lew Rockwell, Justin Raimondo, Walter Block, Peter Schiff, and dozens of other voices in the “alternative media” are helping by “speaking truth to power“. The problem is that those in power already know the truth; it is the powerless who need to hear the truth. It is the propagandized American Public that needs to hear the truth.

So what you can to spread the truth? First, make sure you know the truth yourself and then support, as much as you can, anyone that is spreading the truth. Use social media. Talk to friends and family. Question every account that you see on TV and in the Government worshipping press.

Other than that, perhaps prayer if you are so minded.


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