James Ostrowski’s book on Direct Citizen Action

Today I want to review a very interesting book called Direct Citizen Action: How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot by James Ostrowski.

James Ostrowski is a lawyer from New York who is an activist for liberty and has written several books of interest to the libertarian. He is the author of Political Class Dismissed and Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids. Among a host of other accomplishments he is an Adjunct Scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and columnist for LewRockwell.com. This book, “Direct Citizen Action” is a book that needs to be read by everyone who has ever asked, “but what can we do?” The solution is to educate yourself and your family, be prepared, and vote with your money. In this book, James Ostrowski offers practical methods for fighting the State. This is not some ivory-tower book on how things should be, but is a book on how to get moving towards liberty starting now. Direct Citizen Action is a manual on how to regain liberty in America by using non-violent methods. This is a short, easy to read manual on Direct Citizen Action. Did I mention you can be reading it in seconds on your Kindle or free Kindle reader for $4?

If you have read other books that offer a strategy for fighting the State you will know that most don’t really offer anything specific. These books will tell you what policies should be in place but not how to get from here to there. This book is different, it offers specific strategies.

Ostrowski starts his book with a review of the sorry state of the nation at this time and then gives a good common sense platform to pursue and then he gives an excellent set of tactics on how to achieve it. Instead of trying to get certain politicians elected, Ostrowski argues for what he calls “Direct Citizen Action”. In Direct Citizen Action Ostrowski offers tactics which consist of influencing the State and its politicians without having to use government to do it. Instead of direct political participation, which has failed us time and time again, he argues you can help create a freer society by becoming self-sufficient and minimizing your contacts with government. Very rarely should we resort to voting or campaigning as this is a losing proposition.

The book is divided into three main parts. In the first part of the book called “Where we stand; Where we need to go” we find a good review of what our present status is and where we ought to be. In the Second part, called “How to get there“,  he explains key points and tactics relevant to Direct Citizen Action, which are different ways of reducing the role and influence of government in your life right now. In this manner he argues we can reduce the power of the state. Part two is the heart of the book in my opinion. Part Three is called, “How you can survive the journey” and is intended to inform us on what we need to do in order to personally prepare for what is coming.

After the conclusion, the book also has some excellent materials in the appendix which is worth the price of the book itself. There is a fine list of the five things everyone should know about economics, plus a reading list of books and resources for further research.

If you you agreed with many of the things Ron Paul said in his 2012 campaign then you owe it to yourself to get this book. Give one to a friend. But by all means, read this book.


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