The other Aurora shooting

The gun control issue is hot again now that there has been another mass shooting. The “Batman” massacre in Aurora has the gun control lobby out in force trying to make political hay while the sun shines.

I remembered another shooting out west but was surprised to run across an article from TNA that chronicles the other shooting in Aurora itself. The other shooting by a madman was at a church during services when an ex-convict shot and killed a woman who was mother of the pastor as it turned out. The shooter was intent on killing even more, but was stopped from adding to his carnage when he himself was killed by an armed parishioner. An armed man was sitting in the services that morning and that saved many lives. But that story got almost no attention at all by the nation’s press.

The contrast between the two Aurora shootings could not be more clear. At the church shooting an armed citizen stopped a mass murder at one. In the movie theatre case a mass murder transpired as no one was armed so it was a free-kill zone for the perp.

There is another contrast between the two shootings and I have seen this sort of thing for decades. The case were a gun in the hands of a person who stops a mass killing normally gets no press, and when it does get some the mainstream media will ask what was the civilian hero doing with a gun anyway. Lucky he was there they will say: but what was he doing with a gun? When no one can defend themselves and a mass murder does happen, then the press wants to know if “better gun control” could have averted this sad tragedy.

In cities in the USA where there is strict gun control the crime rate in general, and the murder rate in particular, is much higher than in cities where there is more gun ownership; but for some unknown reason the media never gets around to mentioning that fact. I live in a concealed carry state. I am safer because so many people carry guns even though I do not carry a gun. The criminals can’t tell if I am armed or not. Thank the gods for that.


Mike Adams of Natural News has a post up at LRC where he asks why no one at all fought back. This is a good commentary on the victim nation that is America.


2 thoughts on “The other Aurora shooting

    • Yes sir, Mr. Scuzza Man that is me: Mark “freeloader” Stoval; of the Chicago Stovals by the way — known freeloaders all.

      By the way, I love it when someone sneaks in the economic “free rider problem” into a short comment. Witty!

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