George Orwell and the 2012 London Olympics

I read that the UK government has deployed an extra 1,200 troops to help “protect” the population at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. A lack of confidence in the G4S security firm has given the government an excuse for the use of military forces and so the opening ceremony will provide an estimated 18,200 UK military personnel with another 5,500 troops in reserve just outside the venue.

LONDON — Britain’s government opted Tuesday to deploy 1,200 more troops to protect Olympic venues — a move that reflects a lack of confidence that private security contractor G4S can deliver all it promised for the Games.

The fresh troops come only three days before Friday’s opening ceremony and mean that some 18,200 U.K. military personnel are now involved in some capacity in securing the London Games — dwarfing the 9,500 British troops now in Afghanistan. The decision followed a Cabinet meeting on venue security.

“On the eve of the largest peacetime event ever staged in this country, ministers are clear that we should leave nothing to chance,” Olympics Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in a statement. “The Government continues to have every confidence that we will deliver a safe and secure Games.”

There is talk of missiles on top of residential buildings surrounding the games, drones, poison gas, and all manner of exotic “security” measures being employed against the civilian population in the name of “safety”. The CIA, TSA, and FBI of the USA are lending a hand with spying software and God knows what else.

I have been watching the Olympic Games for decades. We have now reached a level of hysteria and absurdity that perhaps only the great George Orwell could have done justice to. The military is ready to attack in case of some event. Who will they attack? Who will they bomb? Who will they gas? They will attack innocent civilians of course since any madman or terrorist group would not try to pull off an attack dressed in clearly marked uniforms for easy identification.

But the larger question is why does the UK government think that it needs to make this the “the biggest peacetime security operation in Britain’s history”? What has the West done to innocent peoples around the globe so that we expect a counter attack? And would any counter attack by some middle eastern group not be understandable considering the millions of innocent lives that the West (USA mainly) has murdered?

Is it possible that the British government is using this opportunity to ratchet up its control of its own domestic population? Could it be that armed soldiers in the street is just what the government wants the civilian population to get used to?


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