A Love Letter to Ron Paul by Walter Block

Dr. Walter Block was interviewed by Lew Rockwell of LewRock.com about his 400 page new book and the audio interview was posted last Saturday. Dr. Block was a student and close friend of Murray N. Rothbard and has been called “Mr. Libertarian” by many people now that Dr. Rothbard is no longer with us. Lew Rockwell calls him Mr. Libertarian yet once again in his introduction of Dr. Block in the interview.

From the book description from Amazon.com :

… But Dr. Paul is not only running for the presidency of the U.S. His campaign is also an attempt to change the hearts and minds of the more than 300 million people in America, but also the nearly 7 billion inhabitants of the entire Earth. And in this latter quest he has already succeeded, beyond even the most ambitious of hopes of his most fervent supporters.

Walter Block lectures widely on college campuses, delivers seminars around the world and appears regularly on television and radio shows. He has been a friend of Ron Paul’s since the 1970s. Dr. Block is a leading Austrian School economist and an international leader of the freedom movement. Walter Block knows about the fight to liberate young people from the indoctrination that we “must have a State” and that “the State is your friend”. He has been on the front lines of this fight since the 70s. In the first minutes of the interview with Lew Rockwell he said that he wrote the book as his “love letter” to Ron Paul and that Ron Paul had “created more libertarians than anybody in the history of the universe“.

This new book by Walter Block is a book that I will read as soon as I have finished my latest tour though The Ethics of Liberty by Rothbard.

Coincidentally I read an exchange on twitter this morning where people who have converted few, if any, people from full on Statism to libertarianism opine that Ron Paul was, to paraphrase, “doing it all wrong“. It is as if these people have never heard the phrase “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” before. Ron Paul has known for years that just getting people to agree that shrinking government down to the vision of the founders is very difficult. He says in effect that the government should follow its own rules as written in the Constitution at the very least. Sure, he could have preached full on anarchy to the nation in his two runs for nomination: and how would that have worked out? Anarchy is a hard sell to Statists who can not even imaging going back to a government as small as the one in 1950! Ron Paul preached bringing all the troops home from all countries overseas — perhaps he should have added that we should disband the military to boot? That would have been a big seller to the average Joe in the street! (not)

I have been a full on anarchist for decades and believe that the war against the State will not be done until there is no State left. However, I have watched the State grow in power, arrogance, intrusiveness, corruption, and raw evil the entire time. If you think that a president Ron Paul would be little different from president Obama or Romney then we have little to talk about as you don’t live in the same universe as I do. There is almost a zero chance that Ron Paul will ever be president; but his message of reducing government at every turn and in every area is one that resonates with the young people today. If Ron Paul will get them in “the tent” of libertarianism, there are plenty of us to push them on to full market anarchy.

The people who think they could do better than Ron Paul need to get out there and do it!


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