If Ron Paul did get into the Oval Office

“If you want government to intervene domestically, you’re a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you’re a conservative. If you want government to intervene everywhere, you’re a moderate. If you don’t want government to intervene anywhere, you’re an extremist.” ~ Joseph Sobran

For some libertarians the philosophy of freedom and liberty is only a parlor game; a beautiful philosophy that has nothing to do with the real world. If someone like Ron Paul was ever elected president his Administration would actually attempt to do things. What things? Things like bring the troops home from around the world, save the dollar, drastically lower taxes, legalize all victimless crimes at the federal level, and so on.

But what could Ron Paul really have done? What if Ron Paul really did get into the Oval Office?

Oval Office

One amazing thing Ron Paul could do on the first day in office is to say to the nation, “I do not have the authority to repeal laws on my own. I do have the authority to repeal executive orders.” He could repeal all 13,600 some odd executive orders that are presently in effect. But even more importantly he could tell the nation the reasons why the executive orders are unconstitutional. But what about all those poor sods convicted under one of the now defunct (and always unconstitutional) executive orders? Ron Paul could pardon each and every one of them. While he has his “pardon pen” out Ron Paul could also pardon every single person convicted on drug charges.

A president Ron Paul could announce to the press, both main stream and alternative, that he would do all he could to help them ferret out corruption and wrong doing in any agency in government. He would not try to punish the press and whistle blowers but encourage them and then work to fix the problems uncovered.

Ron Paul could also announce that he would veto any bill that is not authorized by the Constitution.  The president could also close hundreds of American military bases in foreign nations and sell them off to reduce the debt. He could order the Joint Chiefs of Staff to start to plan the removal of all troops from the Middle East within the first year. All troops. We all know that Ron Paul would ask Congress to mandate a complete audit of the Federal Reserve System as he has been trying to do that for decades. He could also put a stop to the local police and military cooperation that has drastically changed policing in this country in the last decade.

Even more importantly Ron Paul could start the national conversation about the fact that the federal government always makes things worse not better. A president who was anti-government would be a dream come true.

I saw that some people on twitter were saying last night that a president Ron Paul would be oppressive to them as he would be “forced” upon them. Apparently they would rather have Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney who are both so warm and fuzzy? I wonder why there is so much anger toward the only small government Classic Liberal to have run for the presidency in the last 150 years at least. Could it be that they don’t really want to reduce the size and scope of government?

It is my view that the smaller the State the better. Less government is always better than more government. On our way from where we are today to that coming happy time of market anarchy we need to realize that reducing government is worthwhile.  Some will sit around and talk (or tweet) about how any politics is wrong; and they will ignore the fact that they live in the most political age in the history of mankind. Great, you guys enjoy the coming four more years of pain, killing, poverty, and increasing police state power. At least you will feel ‘pure’.


6 thoughts on “If Ron Paul did get into the Oval Office

  1. As if libertarians have accomplished anything by whoring themselves out to the political system. You cannot make an evil institution good. It has been tried, it doesn\’t work. The system is premised upon violence. You can\’t heal people With a gun.

    Ron would not do.any of this stuff except veto new bills. He isn\’t the messiah you think he is.

    • Ron Paul has spent over 30 years proving that he does not bend with the political wends. This is one reason the young people in America treated him like a rock star during the campaign. You have fun at your little commune feeling all “pure” while real people grapple with the beast that is the State.

    • There is no such thing as an anti-government president. That would be like saying Christian Witch or Free market Marxist. Anyone who holds office is necessarily *for* government or they wouldn’t be holding one of it’s offices.

      • There could have been an anti-government president except pretend anti-war people on the left and the right would not vote for him or support him as they were “Waiting for Godot” apparently. (reference to the famous play)

  2. When it comes to the topic of anarchists voting – it is utilitarian. In order to bring down an unwanted/harmful tree you can strike at a tree from many directions. When someone that will actually help us along our same path comes along, I will vote for them. Ron Paul is such a person. To not give him my vote would be anti-productive as it would enable the current system to remain without another strike in that trunk while I sit in the corner and wish things would be different. My voting for something that will help is but one tool I have in my belt and I will pound that nail if it is indeed there.

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