The Libertarian and the “Health Care” crisis

Dear readers, you will have noticed that the US health care system is in crisis unless you have been off-planet for a long time. Obama-care and Romney-care are political talking points this election cycle, especially after the recent US Supreme Court decision. I suppose it is time to solve the situation. (if only the nation would listen to me!) I have been reading the economists of the Austrian School for a long time. Any good idea contained in this essay should be credited to all of them and any errors should be laid on my shoulders alone.

The US health care mess demonstrates not a market failure but government failure. To fix this mess we don’t need more of what got us into this mess in the first place. Time to get government out of the care of our own bodies! You do believe you own your own body don’t you?

There is an artificial shortage of health care caused by the government and its laws protecting the heath care industry. There is a shortage of Doctors due to government control of licensing, number of medical schools, health care personnel, pharmacies, hospitals, and so on. It is even illegal for a women to hire an inexpensive midwife to help her with natural childbirth at home. Millions of years of childbirth and now only a hospital can do it? Come on now. Eliminate all licensing requirements for medical schools, hospitals, pharmacies, medical doctors and other health care personnel now. Let people hire whoever they choose to hire for their own health care needs. What would happen? You would see a vast increase in the number of health care workers and you would see a drastic drop in costs.  And you would also see a greater variety of health care services appear on the market. Some would argue that people want their doctors judged and certified. Fine, then subscribe to the many competing voluntary accreditation agencies would take the place of compulsory government licensing.

The government has a mountain of restrictions on the production and sale of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Eliminate this violation of your liberty; no laws on drugs or medical devices at all. Look to rating agencies and reputable companies for information on the best and safest products. Costs and prices would fall drastically and better products would appear for sale much sooner than under the present system.

Free up the insurance industry to offer real insurance. Due to laws now, we must all pay for people who live a very unhealthy lifestyle or are already ill with some degenerative disease.  Because of the government there are legal restrictions on the health insurers’ right of refusal and so the industry cannot discriminate freely among different groups’ risks. That means I can not get cheap insurance even though studies show we Vegans are much more healthy on average. And young people get slammed the worse on the present system; just one more way government screws them over.

Economists know that subsidies create more of whatever is being subsidized. Pay people to eat apples and there will be a lot more apples eaten. Common sense really. So don’t subsidize anyone’s poor lifestyle choices.

To sum up, get the government out of all aspects of heath care and you will find that all people will be more healthy and have better care.


Site Note: The end of summer is here and I will no longer have the time to post everyday. Some will cheer the news no doubt. The new posting schedule will be about 3 posts per week most of the time. I hope someone out there enjoys these posts.  🙂


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