The Ron Paul Kids

Dr. Gary North reported on giving a speech at the Mises Institute recently. It was the wrap up of a week long seminar. He reports there there about 150 young people in attendance for countries all over the world who are into Austrian Economics.  He tells of one young woman going back to Vietnam to set up a “Vietnamese Mises Institute”. That is amazing.

More amazing was his encounter with a woman who calls herself Amanda BillyRock. This young women is an amazing story. She has started a YouTube channel where she posts videos on Austrian Economics and liberty. She has a series of ten short YouTubes where she explains “why kids love Ron Paul“. Watch the first one here. You can watch all in turn by looking at the column on the right and clicking on part 2, part 3, and so on.


Stories from young people world wide tell of being converted to libertarianism and the Austrian School of Economics by listening to Ron Paul’s message. Ms. BillyRock even talks of how many young people see all politics as a fraud and a farce but love Ron Paul.

ZZ Top once had a song called “ I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide ” but and update for Ron Paul would have to be “I’m Bad, I’m Worldwide”. I have seen an explosion of interest in the Austrian School since Ron Paul’s two presidential runs. An explosion I tell you! Since the central message to be learned from the laws of economics as expounded by the Austrian School is “government does not work”, I think we can safely say that Ron Paul has done more to popularize freedom and liberty in our time than anyone else.

Ron Paul did not do it alone of course. Without help from the Mises Institute I am positive that the central message of Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block and so many more would not have been available to help convert these young people from the constant propaganda of the Statist message.

Given our success so far, can there be any reason not to run again in 2016? After all, it is the message that counts.


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