The FED, Ron Paul, and the Internet

I have read posts by Ron Paul on the Fed, the gold standard, and fractional reserve banking for years and years. He has been telling me the same things as Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, and countless others have. He spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives, wrote essays published on sites like and gave speeches where he could. Ron Paul’s two presidential runs did an amazing job of finally getting the Federal Reserve System and its evil effects upon the citizens of the US into the consciousness of the American Public. I hope Ron Paul continues to speak out and perhaps even make another run for president in 2016.

However, there is another major factor in the awakening of today’s youth in regards to the Fed and other issues of an increasingly totalitarian US government, and that is the Internet and grandma easy digital content programs. We have kids today who can see something in the streets, record it with a phone, and have it on the Internet in minutes. Absolutely wonderful! We have young people like Amanda BillyRock who I mentioned in my post yesterday who has her own YouTube channel dedicated to Ron Paul and Austrian Economics — and she is far from being alone on that. And there are thousands of other young people making Twitter tweets about Ron Paul and Austrian economics; or writing blog essays, or posting pictures, or using FaceBook; and that list is only a start. It is a gall-dang digital revolution!

In all politics and central banking in particular the ruling elite must keep the people in the dark. The rise of the Internet, WordPress, Google,  Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, and countless others are making that task far more difficult. We now have a vibrant alternate press to counter the propaganda of the Main Stream Media.

Where does the liberty movement go from here? Who knows? But I can tell you one thing; the Internet means that Ron Paul rode a wave that will not go away. He was the right man for the job at the right time — and he had decades of telling a consistent message behind him — but he did not start the fire. The fire had been burning for a long, long time, and the new social media gave the raw hunger for freedom a digital super highway to move upon. (and one not government funded!) It is going to be increasingly hard to keep the masses “in line” as the “old media” no longer controls the flow of information. The people, especially the young, are seeing the hypocrisy, fraud, brutality, lawlessness, and criminality of the central government more and more every day. Distrust of the government is at an all time high. Even if something crazy happened like Ron Paul coming out of the closet as a Marxist (yah I know, impossible) the liberty movement among the young would continue unabated.

We are winning the war of ideas. Be of good cheer; the end of the Empire is near.


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