Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, and voting this election cycle

I see that some of my Twitter buddies got into yet another discussion on voting last night. I suppose it was prompted by the news that Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate on Saturday. I was in the middle of explaining why Romney would pick Ryan to family just as the news broke on the TV.  You see, Paul Ryan can sound like Ron Paul on spending and deficits at times. But it is only political rethoric since he is a neo-con and an ardent champion of perpetual war and global domination by the US empire. One can not champion the empire and be a “fiscal conservative” since war and the military costs far too much to pretend you are a “small spender”.  I knew Romney would pick him because he talks a good game.  He is a lying politician dedicated to the expansion and increasing power of the State. Romney thinks this lying neo-con will satisfy the Ron Paul types in the “Tea Party” and elsewhere. No way. Ron Paul will, yet again, not even be allowed to speak at the convention. The GOP does not want a non-interventionist to speak to the party. Paul Ryan as the VP running mate is not going to sway the hard core Ron Paul libertarians. He might win back a few “conservatives” who don’t understand economics, but that is all.

So should one vote for Romney? That is your choice: I will only vote for Ron Paul if he is on the ticket. The only reason I wanted to be registered to vote was to cast a “message vote” for Ron Paul last cycle. I think it was worth it; but I never thought we could “change the world” though the ballot box. No my friends, change comes though changing the hearts and minds of the masses. We must convince them that government is definitely not the answer to the question. What question? Any question.

Ron Paul had a good run and converted millions of young folks into Classic Liberals at least and free market anarchists in many cases. He may have converted more people to our way of thinking in the two presidential runs than Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothard did in their whole lives. Damn! Think on that a moment.

But now, we can sit back and enjoy the show like we would pro wrestling. It does not matter if Obama goes back in or Romney replaces him. There will be a Trillion Dollar Deficit next year regardless: and the year after, and so on. And there will be wars. Endless wars. There will be ever more police state brutality at home even as we bomb women and children abroad.

There have been several of my dear friends over the last few years tell me I am a hypocrite for voting at all. After all, I voted against the boondoggle called “light rail” here in Florida about 3 times but like a vampire or zombie you just could not kill the crony-capitalism project off since far too many politicians stand to get their hands on graft, payoffs, favored contracts and so on. OK, so I knew that there was no chance to stop it even though the voters went against the project in a landslide every time. They just re-named the darn thing and we have it coming at us anyway.

Once in a while I do vote against a project that is horrible that I want to register my opposition to the boondoggle. One in a generation a Ron Paul comes along and really would stop the overseas wars if elected and I will vote for him. The last time was Gene McCarthy in ’68. He lost the nomination in spite of a tremendous popularity in the youth demographic also.

Vote? It is a fools game. Nothing but a fool’s game. If we could convince millions upon millions not to vote it might make a difference in the perceived legitimacy of the government, but I doubt it. Mostly voting is a waste of time.

Friends, you must convince people you know one at a time that government is not the answer but is the problem. Tell them that government flows from the barrel of a gun. Tell them that giving ever more power to government is suicidal. Whatever your message, work to help people overcome the vast swirling vortex of propaganda that we all live in. Hard? Hell, it might be impossible but we must try.


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