Will you be in the the Line for Revolution?

I saw this story “Philadelphia woman faces $600-a-day fine for feeding needy neighborhood kids” about the State demanding paperwork and obedience from a lady just trying to feed hungry children.

Stories like this pop up all the time. Sometimes it is the local government arresting people for selling “raw milk” even though humans have dunk raw milk for perhaps millions of years. Sometimes it is a story of a kid trying to sell lemon-aid or like product to earn some money and being shut down by the all-invasive State. One man was arrested not long ago for collecting rain water on his farm. I am sure you have you own “Oh My God!” recent news story that trumps my examples.

At the Federal level we have the oppressive executive branch issuing special orders like monarchical edicts of olden days and each new madness is more horrible than the last. The central government has claimed the right to spy on all citizens with little or no pretext of a reason. 4th amendment? Surely you jest, the constitution is without meaning in modern America. The president has claimed the “right” to kill any person on the planet for any reason — citizen or not. Given the out-of-control nature of the central government, how can we expect the US state or city governments to respect the rule of law or the Constitution any better? They don’t.

For many people from the far left to the far right, we see a high degree of dissatisfaction with the status quo. Revolution is in the air. The “Ron Paul Revolution” was not just a marketing ploy by some smart boy in the political consulting business. Dr. Paul tapped into a huge rage among many Americans. The fact many on the “left” supported his anti-war/anti-drug-war positions and crossed over in the primaries to vote for him shows that the rage runs deep.

Where is the tipping point?

How many homeless, hungry, out-of-work, destitute, hopeless people can we ignore? How many intrusions into normal life will people tolerate? How many must be grabbed in the genitals by the TSA before we say ENOUGH!

Will you line up for revolution? Will you join in with people of all kinds who are anti-state even if they are wrong on so many issues? When the kids take to the streets (it is always the kids first ain’t it?) will you stay home and watch it on cable?

Folks, it is time to start considering what you will do when the tipping point is reached. All Empires have fallen and the US Empire is bankrupt financially, morally, and legally. Chaos Theory teachers us that a change of state comes quickly. Best to do some meditating on what you want to do now while you have some time.

Revolutions come from the masses being increasingly discontented over long periods of time. Revolutions begin when the masses finally realize that the government has lost legitimacy. When the masses finally realize that “more and better Democrats” is not that answer and neither is “more and better Republicans” we will see a sea-change. What exactly will happen? Sorry, I don’t have access to the news reports of the future, but the past says that the change can come suddenly.

Know where you will be and what you intend to do before the sea-change gets here. Perhaps you want to be in another country when it happens. Perhaps you want to hide out in the Everglades. Perhaps you want to take to the streets in solidarity with the masses. What you do is your choice — but it is best to choose now while you can.


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