The State and the decline of our society

Anyone who has paid the slightest attention to our society (and all the West) over the last century will come to the conclusion that society has been degenerating at an ever accelerating pace. The math geeks call it an “exponential curve” I believe. The facts are not in question but the reasons for those facts are in question. It is the main question.


The modern American is certainly in possession of far more consumer goods than his/her counterpart of, say, the 1930s. We have stunningly more advanced technology and our accumulation of facts in the science and engineering sector makes the man of the 30’s look positively backward.  Even our poor live with things that the rich in the 30’s could only dream of. One can have fresh fruit and vegetables from foreign lands during the winter here for example. Even the poor children are running around with “smart phones” that the sci-fi writers of the 30’s could hardly imagine. But today’s society is much more crude, rough, coarse, brutal, violent, and witless. The country is morally bankrupt and the ethics of Americans approximate the worst examples ever imagined in science fiction literature or in dystopian novels by the great writers.

In the 30’s during the Great Depression the people were far less criminal that those of today. The idea that theft is OK was just not something that the poor of the 30s believed. The 30’s were far more safe than today. One could safely walk the streets of any city in the US — large or small. Not so today.

As our people degenerated into animalistic barbarism, the State was growing in power. During the last century the State has co-opted science by funding our researchers to the point that they can hardly imagine doing science without government grants flowing into their labs. The State long ago co-opted the education of our young. The public schools pound the primacy of the State into the minds of our young from “pre-Kindergarten” on. The high school student has learned that enjoyment of his physical drives is the whole of life — all else is done to maximize his own pleasure: and that comes always at the expense of others he is told. The American’s indifference to all but the physical appetites can be stunning. (even as they pretend it is otherwise on Sundays)

The American family is in such a sorry state that everyone from the far left unto the far right sees it and looks for answers. The intervention of the State via the welfare-state and intrusive laws is hardly ever mentioned by the chattering class of so-called intellectuals. How could they pin the blame on their master the State?

We have “news outlets” that are nothing but propaganda outlets for State power. Never think that “journalists” are interested in “liberal” or “conservative” as more than a pose — they are interested in raw power. They worship power.

We have become Empire; destroyer of worlds and cultures. The middle east is aflame and in ruins compared to what it was 100 years ago when Britain and the US hardly knew of the vast oil wealth there to be plundered. Our neo-mercantilist system demanded that we control the region because we could not see that the people there would be happy to sell us oil. What else would they do with it? No, we just had to destroy the hopes and dreams of the people there and support monstrous dictators like the Shaw of Iran.

As the State grew in power, the society went into decline. Society is the voluntary cooperation of millions of people who cooperate for the good of themselves, their family, and people in general. It is in man’s nature to cooperate with others to help ensure his own survival and well-being. From the individual to the family to all our organizations and endeavors we see: The State is the Society-Killer.

For the good of humanity and the good of our children; the State must be vastly reduced in size if not done away with altogether.


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