Lew Rockwell at the Ron Paul Festival in Tampa

Historian and all round good guy Thomas Woods reported that the kids at the Ron Paul Festival in Tampa got up and cheered for Lew Rockwell of LRC.com when he was introduced by Tom. Dr. Woods claimed that some were shouting “Lew!, Lew!, Lew!”. Now think about that for a minute. That is amazing. Rockwell’s speech can be heard here.

Lew Rockwell tried to explain why the young people flocked to Ron Paul in the 2012 campaign. He called Ron Paul the “anti-Politician” for telling the truth, educating, and not promising goodies from the federal gravy train. This speech is one of the more anti-establishment speeches I have heard at a political gathering in a long, long time and yet it was restrained and optimistic. Rockwell used the rhetoric of the anarchist who seeks to bring the government down.  I encourage you to listen to the speech by clicking on the above link if you have not already done so.

As the GOP convention nears, we ask “now what?” The answer is simple. Educate yourself in Austrian economics, Classic Liberalism, history of the defeat of Classic Liberalism, market anarchy, the rise of libertarianism in the 20th century, and the strategy of overthrowing tyranny. Read all you can, especially Murry Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises and Walter Block. Make sure you know what you are talking about. Then spread the word. Reach a few people or reach a lot of people — keep trying.  And never stop till you drop.

The government rests on the people’s belief in its legitimacy. Attack that belief until the masses withdraw their consent to be brutalized by the ruling class. That is the way to freedom and liberty. You must become an enemy of the State.


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