Ron Paul and Clint Eastwood at the GOP convention

Was Ron Paul at the GOP convention? Well no, of course not. How could a non-interventionist politician of integrity be allowed to attend the warfare-welfare crony capitalist convention? How could a Classic Liberal be allowed to spread words of peace and prosperity to the GOP rank and file that might be listening at home? They did have a “tribute video” that made sure that no part of Ron Paul’s adherence to the non-aggression axiom was mentioned; especially not his strict neutrality stance concerning the US military.

The GOP did let Clint Eastwood give a presentation up on the big stage. This was a small dash of honesty in that Clint slapped the GOP establishment as well as president Obama. Everyone has to have their speech vetted by the masters of the party and Clint Eastwood’s speech was approved. But he chucked the approved speech once on stage and said what he damn well wanted to say. Hey! All damn right! Clint apparently angered the GOP rulers and I’ve no doubt the a team was assessing the drone possibilities as Clint educated those watching at home. Did he really utter the word “libertarian”?

Any follower of Ron Paul, any libertarian, constitutionalist, freedom lover, anti-war person, anarcho-capitalist or combination of the above would have to be sickened by the show the Republicans put on. Sickened also by the rude and horrific treatment of Ron Paul and his many followers. Sickened by the rule breaking that denied Paul his delegates and a chance at nomination via a brokered convention. Ron Paul said in an interview that the GOP was not his party and one can hear the magnificent interview on Bloomberg here. Got to love that Ron Paul. Roger Stone thinks that Romney, already in a dead-heat election with Obama, may just have cost himself the presidency over his nasty and stupid treatment of Ron in Tampa.

There is no reason under the sun to hope for a Romney win over Obama. Both men are bad news for the people of the world. Ron Paul could conceivably work with the Libertarian Party during the election to further spread his message, but I doubt that will help much more than what he has already done. The only hope for the world now if for the collapse of the USA central government.


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul and Clint Eastwood at the GOP convention

  1. The RNC puppet masters had two options for dealing with Ron Paul. Be gracious and accommodate his supporters and delegates; or take an openly hostile, scorched earth approach to the libertarian faction.

    We know which option they chose, and now they will have to live with the consequences.

    In the meantime, there are plenty of local races where we can promote peace and liberty – so don’t get too distraught about the presidential election. It’s only a matter of time before the current crop of GOP mainstays either dies or is no longer able to participate from the nursing home.

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