Ron Paul and the Election Crimes of the GOP

Many followers of Ron Paul are new to GOP politics if not politics in general. He drew in a huge amount of young people to his revolution against the central government. I would like to say to you that the GOP is not the party of freedom. Marco Rubio made made these remarks in his speech at the Republican Convention: “… That in the early years of this new century we lived in an uncertain time. But we did not allow fear to cause us to abandon what made us special. We chose more government instead of more freedom. …”  We chose more government over more freedom? What clearer statement of the Republican Party way could one ask for?

So how could the candidacy of Ron Paul fair well in the demented GOP? After all, he wants to return to the freedom and liberty of the Classically Liberal young United States of its first century. Ron Paul has always held positions that make one think he believes that less government is better for people all the way to government vanishing from the scene entirely. How well could he do? Apparently well enough to scare the GOP crime bosses into fixing the election.

Daniel McAdams wrote on the LRC blog that it was ‘funny that the US spends billions of dollars lecturing the rest of the world on the “democratic process” but its own elections are among the most anti-democratic and crooked on earth. The US electoral process is so disgusting even the mainstream media have taken notice. Americans who do not believe the rest of the world bristles under the hypocrisy are only deluding themselves …’ Many know that the US political system is rigged against any third party attempt to wrest control from the two main parties that have controlled America for so very, very long; but many don’t know that politics inside the parties is not as clean and “democratic” as you might think.

Mr. McAdams quoted from a great article on the stealing of the nomination from Ron Paul that highlights the problems that trying to use the GOP as a vehicle towards freedom presents.

After an entire election season of rules breaking in almost every state by so-called GOP “officials” and mainstream media manipulation of the process, many expected GOP establishment shenanigans at the RNC. But to watch them play out the way they did during Tuesday thru Thursday’s proceedings fully cemented the reality that the establishment, regardless of whether Democrat or Republican, despite the people’s wishes, will literally do anything they wish to insure the current “bankster” establishment structure stronghold, even to the detriment of the people.

State by state, since even prior to January’s Iowa Caucus, the GOP establishment, in conjunction with the establishment’s “mainstream” media, did everything in their power to fool the electorate into believing falsehoods during the entire process.

All over the country Ron Paul was winning the majority of the polls in 2011, leading up to the election season, but the media ignored the results and continued to pretend Ron Paul was a non-factor. Even openly ridiculing his political philosophies as “fringe, kooky or crazy,” as if the “news” was no longer expected to be an unbiased source of honest information. Members of the media would start rumors and establishment politicians would even stoop so low as to claim that if Paul should happen to win Iowa people should look to the second and third place finishers instead. If Paul should happen to win anything, they claimed, it would discredit that poll or caucus. Talk even emerged stating that Iowa should be reconsidered as the “First in the Nation” caucus, simply because Paul was the favorite to win. “Both” sides of the so-called two-party news machine were equally to blame as the dumbed-down American constituency joyfully played along as if 3rd grade childish political tactics are the norm and excepted behavior. Unfortunately, that just may be the case.

The entire article at the Examiner can be read here. One great line in that fabulous article was, “As the smoke clears, rest assured this is not going to go over well with all those who were disenfranchised and left out in the cold”. I hope they are right because working inside the GOP is a fool’s game. It is time that the young followers of Ron Paul realize that voting for a Republican over a Democrat is not the answer — it is the problem. If freedom lovers could take over one of the parties then there might be some small hope inside the current political system but that is not going to happen. Read the entire article at the Examiner and see why.

As a follower of Murray Rothbard, I believe that there is a place to use politics against government power. Freedom and liberty will not come from politics but it will not come from education alone either. Early in our history the black slaves knew very well the system of slavery was morally bankrupt — but that was not enough to end it. We will use politics at times against the government, we will always try to educate the masses concerning government evils, and we will hope for a mass uprising to overthrow the evil system. I hope it is like the peaceful overthrow of the Soviet Union and not at all like the French Revolution.

Regardless of how it comes, mankind will not move into a peaceful and prosperous future until we stop worshiping invisible lines drawn on the planet separating us into competing groups of this nation-State verses that nation-State. In the end, only market anarchy will save us.

When mankind lives together in voluntary cooperation, we will see love become the dominate emotion.


Thomas DiLorenzo observed on the LRC blog:

This time they broke into the hotel room of a Ron Paul delegate at the Republican convention and planted bullets in her luggage.  She was detained by the TSA at the airport, of course, but they let her go when they learned she was a Ron Paul delegate.  This suggests that the TSA bureaucrats understand that such behavior is common practice with the Party of Great Moral Ideas. 

Since neither this woman nor Ron Paul himself posed no threat to the nomination of King Romney, the apparent purpose of this thuggery is to send a message to all others who might contemplate supporting a future candidate who believes in a free society as opposed to the fascist police/warfare state that defines the GOP agenda and platform.  They’ve adopted Obama’s Chicago-style politics, in other words.

Just one more data point showing the evil of the GOP.


3 thoughts on “Ron Paul and the Election Crimes of the GOP

  1. Mark, The speech text I find is not as you say but rather –

    “Let’s make sure they write that we did our part. That in the early years of this new century, we lived in an uncertain time. But we did not allow fear to cause us to abandon what made us special.

    We chose more freedom instead of more government.

    We chose the principles of our founding to solve the challenges of our time.”

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