Did Mitt Romney threaten to ruin Ron Paul in the early primaries?

Update: I can now find that story again. See here.

There was a story at the Examiner that said that Mitt Romney threatened Dr. Ron Paul with a “media firestorm” that would destroy him and cripple the liberty movement just before the Michigan Primary. This account came from Ron Paul’s senior campaign advisor Doug Wead according to the Examiner yesterday. Today the site has been scrubbed clean of the story. Fits in with the theme of the original story don’t it? That 404 says a lot.

The story said yesterday that at that point in time the Ron Paul campaign could have run ads showing Romney’s banking ties just when Romney’s campaign was in trouble. Those adds would have been dynamite for Dr. Paul. But with unlimited funding the Romney campaign could have run a smear campaign unlike any seen before in American politics if they had wanted to do so. The story claimed that the Ron Paul campaign was threatened with just this sort of underhanded, undemocratic thuggery by Mitt Romney. Is this the reason that Dr. Paul went so easy on Romney during the nomination campaign?

In the story I read before it was taken down:

This revelation is coming out at a time when a national television audience has seen the Romney establishment GOP applying stonewalling and intimidation tactics against Paul delegates at the national Convention. Voters are wondering that if Governor Romney would resort to intimidation tactics as a candidate, what would he be like as President of the people of the United States?

What is to wonder about? Mitt Romney is just like Obama. He is a power mad man lusting after the ultimate job on planet earth at this time in history. He wants to be “leader of the free world” as he enslaves men and women at home and abroad. Of course he would gladly use force, intimidation, lies, distortions, and any other tactics to get his way as he destroys others. What else would you expect?

Well, it is too bad I can no longer link to the story that has been deleted, but they do have a good one by Jeffery Phelps called Rigged: How the GOP stole the nomination that outlines the entire GOP operation that defeated Ron Paul. A good read, worth a few minutes of your time.

What next? Will Romney and the GOP attempt to use the courts to toss the Libertarian Party off the ballot? I would not be surprised.

Well at least the GOP does not have to worry about some future Ron Paul disrupting their plans to rig elections:

The Republican National Committee is tightening up its rules so as to be able to exclude any future “grassroots” candidates. Ron Paul really scared them this time and they could see his popularity with voters, especially young voters. They will now make sure that no future Ron Paul’s ever get as far as he did this year. Naturally there had to be a little chicanery involved, but, hey, if you want an omelet you have to break some eggs don’t you? If you don’t want Ron Paul to have a chance then you have to break and change some of your own rules. That shouldn’t bother anyone—after all the agenda is what’s important and the ends justify the means, or so the RNC believes.

So much for popular grass roots candidates.


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