The US Empire is driving you into poverty

The government of the US Empire is larger, more consolidated, more powerful, and more intrusive than any government has ever been in the history of mankind. Never before has any government in human history owned more weapons of mass destruction. Never before has any government had drones to kill or spy remotely. No government has ever looted as much wealth from its people or had the power to regulate the details of daily life as much as the US central government. Just the surveillance powers alone are beyond the dreams of tyrants past. The list of its powers is nearly endless.

At one time not so long ago the private sector that the government parasites feed off of was able to keep the USA near the top of the most wealthy nations in spite of the collectivist planners in DC. But now the country is sliding into deep economic difficulties. Why you ask?

There are only two ways that man can satisfy his needs and desires. These are the economic means and the political means. The economic means involves individual humans freely cooperating and producing the wants and needs of the people. The political means is the use of force to steal from the producers. The political means is not only evil, but it is also inefficient and will lead to poverty for great numbers of people.

Prosperity can only come about through the effort of individual humans as they make their individual subjective decisions in a framework of the market economy. They will innovate, produce, save, and pass on wealth to their young as they use the price/profit feedback of the free market that tells us all what is the best allocation of our scarce resources. Free humans will produce wealth for all as the last few centuries has shown us — if the government stays out of the way. This is the means by which a rising population is fed, clothed, and housed. Even the poorest country can become wealthy given a free market and a non-intrusive government. (or none at all)

The US has followed the USSR down the path of government control of every aspect of its citizen’s lives to the point that the private sector can no longer fund the massive aggressions of the central government. The government of the US Empire has decided that it should leave it to “expert” central planners to order all of society — all of life. Yet, von Mises and many other have pointed out over and over that central planning is the path to poverty and tyranny. Why do we let the government drive us into poverty?

Many on the left are so driven by jealousy that that would much rather see everyone freezing in the cold as long as all were “equal” than to see all well off if that means some would be vastly better off than others. They will get their wish if the government central planners continue to drive the society into poverty via massive central planning. Many on the right love the “control and safety” that government intervention brings. Why? I don’t know, perhaps they just love tyranny. They also will get their wish if we continue down this path to total government control.

Be careful of what you wish for: you many get it.


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