Biden-Ryan set new VP Debate low

I’d guess that Biden “won” the creep debate last night. Polls have it 51% to 49% for the fellow who interrupted the other guy over 80 times and made a fool of himself disrupting his opponent. If I had acted like that in high school they would have thrown me out of the debate and suspended me from school. Apparently Ryan thought there was supposed to be a debate rather than a political spectacle.

Biden smiled, grinned, and smirked during talk of some of the most serious problems the nation faces. I suppose Biden is insulated from the problems the masses face. To beat all, Biden contradicted the State Department report on Benghazi security. “We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there,” Biden said when the State Department says that is not the truth.

Does any of this really matter? Two lifetime “public servants” with their snouts in the public trough differed only in rhetoric, body language, and laughter volume. There are no substantive differences in the two parties or in these two VP candidates. There will be no end to the many, many wars, the destruction of civil rights, the bankrupting of the country, the spying on the citizens and the general slide to banana republic tyranny. Both of these men are servants of the State and the power elite, ready to loot the public and make war overseas at the command of their masters.

The entire even was disgusting. There is no real choice between the two major party tickets. All you get to do is put a suggestion in the suggestion box on who your new slave master should be. Great, just great.

The country is on the brink of total disaster and the Democrat pigs or the Republican pigs are not going to stop it — they are arguing over how best to accelerate the country over the cliff.

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