Politics is aggression

“Every ‘political’ solution consists of coercion and aggression. Yet voters never ask their candidate of choice, ‘Why, exactly, should I want to let you forcibly control me?’” ~Larken Rose

Politics is aggression, because ‘government’ is based on the idea that some individual or organization is awarded power than no human being should possess: to kill, to declare war, to steal, to defraud, to counterfeit. These actions are considered immoral by man and have always been so considered. Just by putting lipstick on a pig; we don’t have anything other than a pig. To dress up these powers by calling the individual or organization a “nation-state” or “government” does not change matters at all. But modern man has come to believe that these powers of aggression are perfectly acceptable for government. This is gross error and advocating for political change is ultimately a wasted effort since the power hungry and their sycophantic minions will bring tyranny no matter how hard you try to convince the masses of their true intentions.

“… The ‘right’ and the ‘left’ are both equally evil, differing only in the way that evil is put into motion. It all comes down to slavery vs. liberty, theft vs. honest possession, and truth vs. deception.” ~Kent McManiga

We see that government is significantly different from anything else in society. Only government can “legally” initiate violence. Under the banner of ‘the law’ governments through their hired thugs use physical force, even lethal force, to force citizens to behave exactly as the government would have them behave. Governments steal from its citizens. Governments favour one set of men over all the rest as it pleases. Given this unique feature  why isn’t everyone wary of the State? Even if you think a government is necessary, why would you not realize the inherent danger in the beast? The political means is abhorrent to the moral man. There is no way to “clean up politics”.


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