Puppycide: Cop shoots Golden Retriever puppy six times.

I don’t normally write about “puppycide” but these sorts of stories crop up on a continuing basis so I’ll write about it this one time. There seems to be a nationwide epidemic among the cowardly cops to shoot any family dog or puppy that is anywhere near them: it seems to be standard operating procedure. I got 15,000 hits with google on the word “puppycide”.

In St. Louis yesterday we see yet another story where neighbor witness say cops shot a puppy even though the dog was never a threat. Story from St. Louis WNEM:


A local family is still shocked after what happened to their beloved pet. They say their dog was shot and killed at the hands of a police officer.

The shooting happened Saturday in St. Louis, Mich., in Gratiot County.

Lori Walmsley, a neighbor of the family who lost their pet, says she saw the incident.

Walmsley says she was outside playing with her own dog when her neighbor’s golden retriever, Scout, ran over into her yard. She says she called the dog over to play, which Scout did, and then Scout ran back over back into his own yard. That’s when Walmsley says a police officer showed up.

Walmsley said the officer asked if the was dog hers.  She said “no,” but told the officer Scout wasn’t dangerous. She says the officer tried to catch the dog, who apparently didn’t want to be caught. The dog tried to run away and when cornered by the officer, let out a little growl. Walmsley says she couldn’t believe what happened next.

“I heard ‘pop pop pop pop pop,’ and I thought, ‘what is going on,’ and I [saw] the St. Louis Police Department standing over my dog,” said Scout’s owner.

“He just started shooting him, he just kept shooting him in the head,” said Walmsley. “I said, ‘What are you doing? He’s just a puppy!'”

The dog was taken to the vet were it later died.

The witness says the officer wasn’t provoked and she doesn’t feel his reaction was warranted. Scout’s owners were inside their house during the incident.

We have a nationwide epidemic of cops killing family dogs when they don’t need to. Many are asking why. New York criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield thinks it’s mostly a direct result of training:

Cops kill dogs because of the First Rule of Policing, make it home for dinner. If a dog is perceived as a potential threat to the officer’s safety, no matter how slight, the cop will shoot the dog dead. It’s not that he wanted to kill another dog, but that there was no way, none, that he was going to suffer a scratch, no less a vicious bite.

But when someone asked Radley Balko (libertarian blogger who is an expert on puppycide) why cops seem to shoot so many dogs he responded “because they can” and that there are no consequences.

Because they can rings most true. Because the police are uniformed thugs enforcing the will of the ruling masters. Thugs who think they are above the law. If you read about psychopathy (also known as sociopathy) psychopaths are people who have never felt an ounce of sympathy for another human being. What better job for these sickos than being a cop? As children psychopaths often have enjoyed cruelty to animals.

Psychologists estimate that one percent of the people in the U.S. are psychopaths, and it’s not hard to imagine that many of them become police officers. Folks, the police are not your friend. They are the face of the Empire domestically.


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