One man’s story of failed voter registration

A man wrote Lew Rockell to tell his story of trying to vote. I found this funny in many ways.

Writes Adam Newton:

I did not have to make a decision about what to do with my insignificant vote on November 6. The inept and imperialistic county government made the choice for me by denying me my “right” to cast a ballot. Fittingly, performing a simple task only government could botch up, my voting registration request was denied. I filled out the paperwork almost a month ago, within the government issued deadline and under the instruction, supervision, and watchful eye of a government library employee. And even though I provided my government issued driver’s license and my 2012 county property tax bill containing my name and address, the county registrar can’t seem to match me with the house I have lived in for the past 15 years. Each of those 15 years, however, the same county government has had no uncertainties about arbitrarily determining the value of my homestead and forcefully extorting from me a total sum of over $23,000.00. It occurred to me that there have been Republican and Democrat candidates who have purchased a citizen’s vote for far less.

Adding further ineffectiveness to their proficiency for bungling, the county numbskulls sent me a form to provide them with the same information I gave them the first time around. However, in order to guarantee my place for the fantasy ride also known as a voting booth, it would have had to have made its way back into their filthy hands about three weeks prior from the day they mailed the redundant application to me.

At the very least, the county muckety-mucks saved me time and expense by alerting me not to bother making a trip to the polls on Tuesday. It would have only resulted in being turned away or even worse, hauled away.

This entire fiasco is actually a fortuitous occurrence. It serves as a way of emphasizing the observation that the political system is so corrupt and incompetent, it is best to opt out from the electoral farce completely, as Lew Rockwell consistently advises.

We all know this man’s vote would not matter in the least in Tuesday’s presidential election other than just adding one more bit of legitimacy to the US central government. In the last paragraph the man seems to come to that realization. Good for him!

Stalin once said that it matter not how a man votes; what matters is who counts the votes. I am convinced that the voting system in the US is infused with fraud and corruption and so voting is an exercise in futility. But what if the system as not rigged? It would still be an exercise in futility since both candidates are essentially the same. Neither will change the course of this evil empire.

From a philosophical standpoint one should not vote as that means one is participating in the ongoing evil that is the US government. An exception can be made I suppose it there is a candidate that is a “mole”; one that you really believe wants to rid us of the evil beast. Other than maybe Ron Paul, how many candidates in our history promised to cut the government down to the size it was in the beginning and how many of those could you believe? I got a count of zero on that — and so, I will not be voting.


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