Did Ron Paul’s people beat Romney?

I did not vote and my wife voted for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian Party ticket here in a battleground state. Both of us would have cast a vote for Ron Paul. This is meaningless of course, but there is more. We both were offended by the Republican Party’s treatment of Ron Paul and his delegates. We understood the near media blackout on Ron Paul when they were not smearing the man as a racist or something like that. What we could not understand was the openly underhanded tactics used to keep the anti-war, anti-drug-war candidate out of the convention hall. We made the decision to not vote Republican during the convention as they treated Ron Paul people so shabbily.

I read many articles, tweets, news accounts, and so on by Ron Paul supporters that mirrored my own feelings on the issue. I came to believe that Romney had given away the election by arrogantly mistreating the libertarian leaning segment of his party. Without Ron Paul’s voice in the campaign we ended up with a situation well described by Thomas DiLorenzo this morning

Thomas DiLorenzo:

The majority of Americans apparently prefer the Sovietization of healthcare (and as much of the rest of the economy as possible) as their first priority, followed by the bombing of Iran and Syria back to the stone age (for starters), as opposed to the reverse order of priorities had Romney won the election.

Obama won while overseeing a horrible economy and bankrupting us with unpopular wars. He got a bump at the end by hurricane Sandy as FEMA did a horrible job yet again. The Republican Party is evil and they are contemptible losers.

The best thing to happen was that Romney will not practice crony-capitalism and produce real economic horror while the media calls it “free market capitalism” and claims capitalism does not work. At least we will be spared that! It gets tiresome to have so many look at crony-cap favouritism and call it laissez faire.

The biggest losers of the 2012 election were those who value peace and freedom. The question now becomes what will the future bring? I think that the real libertarians must be finally waking to the fact that the GOP is not the place for gaining any traction in trying to stop the US government’s continuing drive toward tyranny.

The Ron Paul liberty movement was a big winner in this election. The movement that looks to help restore some liberty while bringing peace is the Ron Paul libertarian movement — not conservatives, neo-conservatives, progressives, or so-called modern liberals.

What path will the Ron Paul liberty movement people take now? That is the biggest question we have right now.


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