Is restoration of the old US Republic the first step?

It is my belief that the US Empire is on the verge of collapse much like the USSR did in 1991 and for many of the same reasons. The US Empire has become tyrannical at home, is engaged in losing occupations overseas, and is financially bankrupt. I see a total collapse coming or a move back towards the Republic that the US once was. I hold that going to the Old Republic would not be the ultimate political goal for liberty lovers as the original Republic devolved into the tyrannical mess we have today — but it would be a great first step. Market anarchy is our goal — voluntary cooperation among people — but we need to have some path toward more liberty.

Is restoration of the old US Republic the first step towards a free land? Can it be done? Can we get to market anarchy by steps rather than by a total collapse? Would having much more freedom be a good thing even if we were still subjects of a government? I believe that restoring the ideas and laissez-faire government of the old Republic would be a good first step on the road towards ending the State. If we can move toward the Restoration of the Old Republic, what would it take? What would that look like?

The restoration of American liberty and of the Old Republic would be a multi-faceted task. Murray Rothbard touched on that topic once just after the collapse of the USSR. He wrote:

It requires excising the cancer of the Leviathan State from our midst. It requires removing Washington, D.C., as the power center of the country. It requires restoring the ethics and virtues of the nineteenth century, the taking back of our culture from nihilism and victimology, and restoring that culture to health and sanity. In the long run, politics, culture, and the economy are indivisible. The restoration of the Old Republic requires an economic system built solidly on the inviolable rights of private property, on the right of every person to keep what he earns, and to exchange the products of his labor. To accomplish that task, we must once again have money that is produced on the market, that is gold rather than paper, with the monetary unit a weight of gold rather than the name of a paper ticket issued ad lib by the government. We must have investment determined by voluntary savings on the market, and not by counterfeit money and credit issued by a knavish and State-privileged banking system. In short, we must abolish central banking, and force the banks to meet their obligations as promptly as anyone else. Money and banking have been made to appear as mysterious and arcane processes that must be guided and operated by a technocratic elite. They are nothing of the sort. In money, even more than the rest of our affairs, we have been tricked by a malignant Wizard of Oz. In money, as in other areas of our lives, restoring common sense and the Old Republic go hand in hand.

Ron Paul has convinced millions of people that the US must gain control over the Fed at the very least and that many of our problems comes from having a central bank. So we could gain a lot of support from the citizens on that front. We would also have to renounce the Federal debt and the 250 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and start again. A national bankruptcy would free us to return to the small government of our beginnings.

To return to the old Republic would require a new Constitution. We have far too many horrible Supreme Court rulings on the present document to return to a free society using the old Constitution. We need a Constitutional Convention to re-write the document and the main thing it would have to contain is the provision that any state of the union may leave the union at anytime. A second main goal would have to be limiting the powers of the central government to nothing more than national defense against an invasion by a hostile power. That would be its only function. There would be no committing troops overseas for a war without the Congress approving by 3/4 vote at least and then only after the other nation has tried to invade our shores.

Since government throughout history have debased the currency, we would have to make sure that the central government did not issue currency at all but let the market handle the creation of money. Or if that were not possible, at least make sure that private money was to be always legal so that private money could compete with any government issued money.

A system of firm rights of private property, with everyone secure in the property that he earns is fundamental to liberty. It leads to mutual cooperation, thrift, hard work, prosperity, and the development of the character traits that liberty demands of the citizens. As Rothbard and a host of others have pointed out, property rights is the very basis of “human rights”.

But the most important thing that we need to do is inform the masses what Classical Liberalism really was and why if freed mankind in the first place. This information is no longer taught in schools and the majority of citizens could not tell you what the Classical Liberals believed in. No new Constitution or other system of law is going to help if the people themselves are ignorant of the benefits of liberty. We must inform them of how freedom produced the greatest expansion of wealth the world has ever seen.


2 thoughts on “Is restoration of the old US Republic the first step?

  1. Normally I don’t learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice article.

  2. For the most part I agree with your analysis. I’m not sure we have enough people like Rand and Ron Paul who are qualified and knowledgeable enough to actually rewrite the Constitution, though. 98% of the American citizens don’t have a clue, unfortunately.

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