TSA’s real job is to Humiliate you

Butler Shaffer wrote a response to Becky Akers’ post about the TSA bullying a very sick little 12 year old girl on the LRC blog last night. I’ll give his response first because my point and his coincide. He wrote:

Becky:TSA — whose vulgar practices were in place at airports long before 9/11 — is doing precisely what it was designed to do. Its purpose is not to protect airliners and passengers from terrorist attacks, but to condition people to accept the practice of having their lives subject to the most arbitrary assaults that the state wishes to employ. “We can do it because we can do it, and there’s nothing you can do about it” might very well become the motto of this agency. If presidents can order the killing of anyone they choose, and can decide — on their own whim — to attack and invade any country for any made-up reason, why would we not expect children in wheel-chairs to become suitable targets?

Perhaps the other passengers who came to this girl’s defense reflect an awakening to the nature of all political systems: they are the morally unprincipled mobilization of dark side forces that never ascend higher than the arbitrary use of violence.

That comment by Dr. Shaffer was in response to a post by Becky Akers who wrote about a very disturbing case of the TSA going after a little girl in a wheelchair who has cerebral palsy which recently happened at a Texas airport. Here is part of her comment at the blog:

The TSA: Bullying Sick Little Girls to Tears

Posted by Becky Akers on December 14, 2012 09:44 AM

Apparently, our sadistic Rulers so enjoyed tormenting a girl with cerebral palsy earlier this year at New York’s JFK International that they piled on again, this time in Dallas. Shelbi Walser, who’s all of 12 years old but nonetheless in a wheelchair, “was traveling with her mother on Sunday for a trip that’s become routine. The seventh grader lives with a genetic bone disorder and was on her way to Florida for another rare medical treatment. She’s never had a problem flying, but this time Transportation Security Administration agents [sic for ‘Thieves and Sexual Assailants’] claimed she had bomb residue on her hands.” … [full post at link]

The fact that Americans put up with the TSA and all its horrific treatment of the public shows that the government has turned the once strongly liberty minded public into the compliant slaves that all governments always want. The fact that the TSA is molesting little girls who are traveling to another state for treatment and the agency is not shut down or drastically curtailed should tell us all we need to know about the real problem. It is true that it is reported that some passengers were verbally defending the little girl against the TSA’s treatment of this sick child, but that is hardly enough. The American people have become accepting of the most arbitrary and degrading demands of the various uniformed goons and other minions of the state. To condition the public to accept any order by “those in authority” is the real purpose of the TSA.

Murray Rothbard often wrote that we need to be radical libertarians and demand a total end to the tyrannical government at all times; but that we take whatever we can get to move us closer to liberty and freedom. Ending the TSA would be a worthy first step in ending the overbearing horror that is the central government of the USA. The TSA is a symbol of the tyranny and the people’s acceptance of the tyranny. Never forget that the TSA claims that their jurisdiction is not just airports but anyplace that people travel. That, my friends, is frightening.

But what can one citizen do about the TSA and all the many, many other problems caused by the state?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

We often hear “but what can one person do about it?” It is just this thinking that allows those who insist on ruling others by violent means continue to rule. Our history has been one of dramatic change brought by creative individuals. Murray Rothbard almost by himself resurrected radical libertarianism long before we had an Internet and long before Ron Paul was able to use the nomination process to spread our message of peace. At one point in time almost every libertarian in the country could fit in Murray’s living room and often were there!

Western Civilization has collapsed because the creative and liberating foundations of our civilization were destroyed by that institutionalized violence called the state. We have lost much of the humanizing part of our once great culture. Thomas Sowell once said that slavery could not and did not break apart the black family — but that the government and welfare did. Violence and depravity have become rampant in our land.

However, there is great change coming and radical libertarians need to be using every means at our disposal to move civilization toward liberty, prosperity, and peace. The political systems that now dominate mankind with their powers of war, death, destruction, imprisonment, torture, and all the other forms of brutal violence must be tossed on the junk pile of history and replaced by voluntary cooperation.



4 thoughts on “TSA’s real job is to Humiliate you

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  3. That there are so many people that view these egregious violations of liberty as good and necessary speaks of an enormous moral deficiency in the population. What is required is an enormous shift away from ‘morality’ of control and statism to individual morality focused on achieving the ultimate end of happiness through appropriate means (liberty being key here).

    The Voluntaryist Reader – http://voluntaryistreader.wordpress.com/

    • I don’t see how I could agree more with that comment unless it was to quibble that the people are morally ignorant and need moral education that seems to be very lacking in our society.

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