The last Friday … for Ron Paul

Today is the last Friday on the Mayan calendar and the last Friday in the congress for Ron Paul. One wonders how in the heck those ancient Mayans knew about him and when he was going to retire from the congress. They said that it marked the end of an age: the beginning of a new era. Lord knows we could use a new age.


During his career, Ron Paul gave many speeches to a largely empty chamber in the House of Representatives in Congress and a few saw them on C-SPAN or on YouTube. He could have been a “player” in the congress if he had chosen to play the political game, but he wanted to champion liberty and justice instead. My that is a lonely task in the halls of congress or anywhere in DC for that matter. But then came two runs for president and the huge audiences that listen to the candidates for dictator of the USA. Now his name is a household word throughout the land.

One of the regulars who used to comment on each post that anti-war writer Glenn Greenwald makes once asked me how I could support Ron Paul since he was running in the Republican Party. The answer was obvious. He had tried a third party once (the Libertarian Party) and that route in our system is a road to obscurity. He had no chance if he ran in the Democratic Party so there was only the Republican Party left — it was a no-brainer. I told that to the fellow and pointed out that Ron Paul was running a message campaign that would be more important than the candidacy of whoever the Republicans nominated.  It was a message campaign with a message of liberty and freedom for the individual. A message not heard in this land for generations.

Ron Paul was able to make the Federal Reserve a nationwide issue! The people actually learned some things about how the Empire steals the value of their money to finance the central government’s wars and give-away programs.

Ron Paul always gives people the straight truth as he sees it and he is a Classical Liberal of the type that founded this country. His speeches, answers to questions, books, and other writings kept the ruling elites all torn up during the campaign. The gatekeepers could not believe his simple, direct use of the Constitution to fight against our drug war, the FED, TSA, our foreign wars, and other federal tyrannies. In spite of Ron Paul taking positions that are hugely unpopular with the party leadership of both major parties, the ruling elites, and the sycophantic mainstream press — his popularity kept on rising.

What now after this Last Friday? He plans on leading a new revolution towards liberty. A new web page. A new chance to speak to millions. A new chance to lead by telling the simple truth of our libertarian ideas. Is he perfect? Of course Ron Paul is not perfect, but like Murray Rothbard, he has grown the interest in liberty by leaps and bounds in this country.


The revolution will continue in the new year — 2013 is said to be the “unlucky year” and so it might be for the ruling elites. It will be the first year that a nationally known Ron Paul is free from his job in congress to take the leadership of an anti-government movement that will educate the masses on the message of liberty and freedom. As a man educated in the economics of the Austrian School, the philosophy of liberty of Murray Rothbard, and knows the inner workings of the evil on the river that is DC — the man has the tools to lead the people back to an understanding of liberty.

Ron Paul told us that the real revolution was to be one of ideas. It is the philosophy of individual liberty and freedom that will carry the day if we all do our part to advance the idea of voluntary cooperation among humans. It is high time to return to the idea of “live and let live”.

UPDATE: There is a great post by Ron Paul at the Mises Institute from the 19th on his view of what he accomplished in his career and that we need an intellectual awakening.


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