The civilian massacre the US neither confirms nor denies

Twitter is a great resource in these crazy days of so much information coming at us so fast. Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) is a lady I follow who is an independent journalist. She tweeted a link to the a story of a horrific example of the USA murdering civilians in southern Yemen. A small quote from the story follows:

… Forty-one civilians died in the US attack. Fourteen members of the extended al Haydara clan were killed, along with 27 members of the al Anbouri clan. Three more people later died when they stepped on left-over cluster munitions.

As a surviving woman later told reporter Jeremy Scahill, for Al Jazeera, ‘At 6am they were sleeping and I was making bread. When the missiles exploded I lost consciousness. I didn’t know what had happened to my children, my daughter, my husband. Only I survived with this old man and my daughter.’

Among those killed that day were 22 children. The youngest, Khadje Ali Mokbel Louqye, was just one year old. A dozen women also died, five of them reportedly pregnant. …

If you read the whole story you will see that there is little doubt that the US navy bombed these poor people with a cruise missile and murdered at least 41 innocent men, women, and children. Twenty-two of the murdered victims were children. There was then a raid by US special forces to remove the bodies of some men so that they could claim success in killing some “militants”. When the US military or the CIA kills civilians there is never any trial or investigation to establish the guilt or innocence of those killed. We are always left with the unsatisfactory assurance by the murderers that the dead were “bad guys” and that the innocent children and women were unintended “collateral damage”.

Yemen is a country that could hardly invade the USA even if it wanted to do so. Under what “just war” policies could the US justify this grisly massacre? The US claims that up to 13 “militants” were killed that day. What is a “militant”? Were these 13 planning an invasion of the US? How do we know they were even “militant”? They did not get a trial.

There was one “known terrorist” killed that day. We know he was a known terrorist only because the US says that he was a known terrorist. He also never had a trial so we only have the accusation that he was “a terrorist”. Even if he were the most wanted man on the earth, and he was not, that does not justify murdering innocent women and children.

It is clear that the entire “Global War on Terror” is a never ending series of war crimes. How can the American people allow this to continue?



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