Do Americans have cognitive deficiency?

No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby. ~ H.L.Mencken

Do you think that it is possible that most people suffer from some sort of cognitive deficiency when it comes to logic and common sense? Could our “public school” education be adding to it? Certainly the mainstream media keeps people in the dark on the real truths; that may be part of it.

Recent events have shown that there are a lot of people who believe that disarming law abiding people and rendering them defenseless actually makes them safe instead of making them targets for the criminals who don’t abide by the gun control laws. Still other people claim to think that advertising their defenselessness not only makes them safe but helps make others safe. If you tell these people that every dictator in the world has always wanted the general public disarmed and that there have been genocides in places where the people had no weapons they will tell you that it could not happen here.

Chicago, one of America’s most anti-gun cities, has just recorded its 500th homicide. Chicago’s own statistics show that 440 school age children were shot in 2012 in Chicago and still many holler that gun control will “save the kids“.  Are they mindless?

Government officials in the north east claim Hurricane Sandy was unprecedented and hence unexpected even though the exact same circumstances has happened in the past and there were warnings by experts over and over again. Yet people still think that government protects them in times of natural disaster.

Sandy may have been a rare (but hardly unprecedented) confluence of weather events. But the political decisions and blame avoidance are an all-too-common confluence of human tendencies – worsened by the dogged determination of our ruling classes to acquire greater power and control, coupled with steadily declining transparency, accountability and liability. ~ Paul Driessen

A majority of people in the US (and Europe I believe) really think that war, debt, and currency debasement creates prosperity instead of ruin and poverty. Hyper-inflation has been known to destroy civilizations and give rise to dictators (Germany ’20s) but people holler that “it could never happen here!“. Damn, what are these people taking?

People think that “experts” in government, those we called the “best and the brightest” in the 60s, can run the US economy managing Trillions of daily transactions. They believe that the Federal Reserve which has debased he currency to the tune of 95% reduction in value since its creation is on their side!

The people still seem to think that the government can protect them even though the military could not prevent people armed with box-cutters from flying into its headquarters. The police are highly paid and well equipped and they don’t protect you. They are the enemy, and yet people still think that they need police to be safe.

The government proves over and over and over again that they are a “gang of thieves writ large”, yet the people still think that the government is there to protect them and is on their side. My god, will it take a knock at the door at 2 am to wake people up? The government at all levels is said to soak up over half the resources of the economy doing worthless or counterproductive jobs, and yet people can not imagine doing without them. Most can not even imagine a smaller version of the infernal beast.

Perhaps most importantly, people think that the US government doing evil around the world with the military or the CIA will cause a greater good somehow. This in spite of all major religions and philosophies telling us that the ends never justify the means — good does not grow on the tree of evil. Many of these same people laugh at those who believe in a God that they can’t see as they believe in a god called government that they can see and can see is evil. Which is less rational?

Ron Paul and other have done great work in trying to educate the masses on the evil that government does; but there are many who worship government as a religion. I don’t know if logic and experience can reach those whose religion is government.


“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” George Orwell


5 thoughts on “Do Americans have cognitive deficiency?

  1. It’s not just that they worship government as a religion. I could live with that. It’s that they compel us to pay for its “services” and abide by its edicts. While religions and employers persuade, the State *coerces*. This is precisely the authority that makes the State *qualitatively* different from any other entity in society.

    I am not aware of any mainstream church enjoying a similar monopoly of violence in these increasingly crypto-fascist (well, increasingly fascist if not so cryptic about it) United States. You are free to believe or not believe in hell. You are free to believe or not believe a particular church can save you from hell. You are free to practice *or not practice* the tenets of that church. No armed priests, ministers or their agents will appear at your door if you withdraw your membership or cease your tithing. Try that with your local, state or federal not-so-friendly government.

    I’ve had quite enough of this pseudo-libertarian conflation of church and state. If Obama threatens hell instead of jail time to advance his vision of Truth and Goodness, I’m keeping my tax dollars and laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Yes, even the Pope can’t make a Roman Catholic attend Mass if they don’t want to go. Just ask all the lapsed Catholics out there.

      The government religion is a fallacy that mankind is going to have to move past if we want to see peace, prosperity, and progress. The Taoists of 3,000 years ago knew this — so this is not some new discovery. We need to “out” the frauds in government someway. Wish I knew how. (other than just education and pointing out the fallacies)

  2. Fact of the matter is people tend to believe what they’re told. the majority of mankind doesn’t truly think for themselves and just follows the herd. hence why so many people still believe the stories in the big book of adult fairy tales aka the bible regardless of all the scientific evidence that discredits everything it says. also explains why we still have the two party duopoly in regards to our politics regardless of the fact that both major parties are full of shit. if people really thought for themselves the majority of the population would be agnostic independents haha

    • You have a point, but I like to think that the state’s awesome propaganda apparatus from government schools to the sycophantic media has a lot to do with the ignorance of the public. I like to think, perhaps naively, that if we work on educating them to the truth that someday they may see.

      As you point out, both parties (the duopoly) are are enemies in this task.

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