There is no “common good”

Happy New Year, and may you see liberty expand this year. (I know, slim chance eh?)

The Obama administration and most of the congressional crooks continue to propose the expansion of government power over people’s lives: never is a reduction in power put on the table. Everything they propose to do from raising taxes to banning guns is going to be for our own good don’t you know. It is for the “common good“!

But the fact is that there is no “common good”. There never was any common good. The fact that our tastes, values, and preferences vary from one person to another is the very reason that people trade goods and services voluntarily. If I have a dollar and you have 4 apples then we might very well trade leaving both of us thinking we are better off — more wealthy. This comes from the fact that people value things differently. You valued my dollar more than your 4 apples and I valued the apples more than the one dollar. Even more to the point, sometimes I would value a dollar and apples differently and would not be interested in trading with you. Humans are like that — we are fickle. We judge the value of things subjectively and our opinion of the value changes often for a host of reasons.

When some politician or other totalitarian collectivist yammers on about the “common good” he is hoping you think he means a universal good. But the only universal good we have heard of that everyone seems to agree with is that they don’t want to be the victim of any aggression. However a person acts you will find that it is in accordance with one desire — to be better off after they have acted than before they did. That is the reason humans act. The actions of humans are based on their subjective view of what will most ease their discomfort. No one wants to add to their discomfort.

To overcome the motivation of people to pursue their own subjective and individual interests, and to instead see the interests of the state as a higher good than their own, we have been indoctrinated with the idea of the “common good” which is said to be more important than our own subjective wants and needs. Hogwash. We are all taught to become part of the collective mindset upon which all political systems depend for their existence. We are propagandized to be part of the whole and lose our individuality for the “common good”. In this manner we are duped by the rulers and goons of the state to “serve” as drones of the state implementing its tyrannical dictates at home and abroad.

The doctrine of egalitarianism has served the politicians well in duping us into thinking that only the state can “level the playing field” and make everything fair for the “common good”. The suppression of one person’s interests in favor of some alleged “common good” is claimed to be acceptable if their neighbors are being equally victimized. No; being victimized is never “OK”. Statists claim that victimization by the state is a cost people must bear to bring about the “common good” but they are lying to you. The state needs to victimize you simply because the state is a parasitic entity that sucks your lifeblood for its own benefit.

Even if the government restraints and burdens operated equally upon all of us, and they most assuredly do not;  the absurdity of such the idea that people have organized the state for the purpose of assuring their mutual victimization for the “common good” is absurd. Nonsense on stilts. Hell, even political pundits in the media should be able to see that! (if it were not for the fact that their pay depends on not seeing it)

Some try to make the case for a “common good” by an appeal to the utilitarian doctrine of the “greatest good for the greatest number.” That is the prescription to establish a rich ruling class who dictate what is the “best for the greatest number” (they mean the greatest number of rulers of course) The “greatest good for the greatest number” is just a slogan for collectivists of all types. Mao claimed he was murdering million of his fellow citizens to make a China that was to be the best for the greatest number. Collectivism in whatever form it takes degenerates and depreciates the individual in favor of the ruling class — in favor of the collective state. Collectivism is a religion for losers. It is a belief system that allows the state to steal the wealth and energies of the people for a coerced redistribution to those it favors. Of course those in favor find this immoral proposition just fine.

This vulgar, anti-life concept of the collectivist “common good” is not new in our day but the tyrants and their minion is DC have done all they can to expand this concept; and to sell it to the public. Don’t be fooled. Your individual life and that of your family is the most important thing. As you harm no one else — do as you please!



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