A warmer world please

In the central Sahara around the area of south east Algeria there is an area known as Tassili n’ajjer. Today it is all bare rock, gravel, and sand just like most of us picture the Sahara. But there we find hundreds of rock paintings that are a record and testimony of life in the era of the Holocene known today at the “Holocene Climate Optimum” (or here). It was a time of wonderful climate conditions for human life on earth according to the physical records.

The rock paintings in Tassili n’ajjer record the wildlife of those times that our ancestors witnessed around 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. There recorded in the rock are antelope, giraffe, ostriches, and much more. The painting also record humans and cattle. The Sahara then was a verdant plain, full of lakes and rivers. A land of milk and honey as poetically put by some. Some scientists think that Tassili n’ajjer was the birthplace of the Ancient Egyptian culture and dynasty.

The reason that we call this era the Climate Optimum is because the average global temperatures were warmer than today. It is not known precisely how much warmer it was in the Climatic Optimum but scientists believe that it was around 3 to 9 degrees Celsius warmer. The warmth warmed the oceans and caused more evaporation and so more rainfall. During this time the deserts shrunk around the world to a much smaller area. In the US west we see the Great Salt Lake and the salt flats that tell us of an era of much more rainfall.

A warmer world means more rain, shrinking of deserts, more arable land, and a longer growing season. With over 7 billion people on the planet, we need the extra living space and the extra food that a warmer world would provide. We hear alarmists with their collectivist political agenda claim that warmth means drought but only the ignorant and gullible believe that. In Florida we get rains off the ocean every day in the hot summer months — we call that the “rainy season” here. In the cooler month we get weeks with no hope of rain and we get droughts. The Tampa newspaper once ran a headline during the winter called “Florida; born to burn” because of all the fires that the drought conditions bring.

I want  warmer world that means milder winters and more rain. People die of the cold in winters. We use a lot of fuel in the winter to try and stay warm. I want shorter, milder winters that a warmer world would bring: cold is the pits.

Life flourishes in the warm and some people thought that increasing CO2 might bring us back to the warmth of the Climate Optimum but it now looks like warming has stalled. We have seen no statistically significant warming in over 15 years even with the government agencies “adjusting” temperatures upward in an effort to promote their political agendas. This lack of warming is in spite of skyrocketing CO2 levels. The CO2 hypothesis has been disproved. Worse, there appears to be a long range cooling trend setting in and that could be disastrous in a world already struggling to feed its people.

Scientists know that the climate of the earth is “chaotic” in the mathematical sense and so is very difficult to predict with any precision. With that said, all evidence at this time suggests a return to the colder temperatures of the 70s, or the late 30s, or even the cold of the little ice age. May God help us all if we see the sort growing seasons of that earlier time now that we have over 7 billion souls to feed.



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