History, lies, FDR, and Stalin

There are various lists of “Great Presidents” that historians or societies come up with periodically. Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt are consistently ranked at the top of the lists. Did you know that the presidents that the famous court historians call “great” were often very evil men? Where you taught that in high school? I was taught in a government school that informed me that the government’s heroes, the “great presidents”, were all saintly men.

As just one example let us look for a moment at FDR. I don’t intend to list all of the crimes of Franklin Roosevelt as that would take a book and there have been many that have done just that. I intend to only tell a tiny bit about Roosevelt and Stalin. Others have documented the Pearl Harbor incident that FDR certainly engineered which killed 2,000 Americans and saw America’s 80% opposition to war swing patriotically and vengefully into war fever.

Did you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt who always ranks at or near the top in the rankings of “great presidents” loved Joseph Stalin the butcher of the USSR? It was FDR who named the Soviet dictator “Uncle Joe” Stalin in the 30s. In fact it was in FDR’s first year in office that saw him engineer the Soviet Union receiving the much desired diplomatic recognition from the USA. This was in spite of the fact that Stalin had just deliberately starved millions of Ukrainians.

FDR praised Stalin’s constitution for guaranteeing religious freedom while ignoring the purges, show trials, aggression against countries adjacent to Russia, and the persecution of the Russian Christians. It may sound incredibly today but FDR called Stalin, the Communist butcher, a Christian gentleman. Ever read that in high school? FDR was Stalin’s best friend among world leaders and that is in spite of Stalin killing more people before WWII started than Hitler would kill during the war. Amazing is it not?

Contrary to modern mythology Roosevelt’s friendship with Stalin was not a necessity forced on him by war. It plainly started before the war started and never ended until Roosevelt’s death. The Roosevelt administration ran the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb. Roosevelt’s administration allowed communists to spy unhampered throughout the project. Uncle Joe and his communist thugs were certainly the beneficiaries of American good will under FDR.

Greatest president? No. Greatest traitor to the American way of life ever to rule.


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