When the police left teens locked in the van

The police left five teenagers in a police van for over 15 hours in the freezing cold with no bathroom facilities in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Think about that a minute. Later they claimed that they just forgot them. Cop lies don’t have to be good, internal affairs has their back anyway.


NorthJersey.com has the story:

One of the five teenagers locked inside a police van for about 15 hours without food or water in March 2011 is suing the borough, the Police Department and more than a dozen officers.

According to the complaint, [Adam] Kim, then 17, was one of about a dozen minors transported to police headquarters after officers broke up a loud house party on Arcadian Way in March 2011. The minors were not advised of their Miranda rights or told why they were being arrested, the complaint stated.

The plaintiff alleges that the officers “displayed a pattern of racial bias and/or indifference” by using a racial slur to reference Asian-Americans.

The Police claimed that racism had nothing to do with the mistreatment of the teenagers but when cops use a racial slur it is hard to believe their story that they “just forgot” the teens in the police van.

But the internal-affairs investigation found no evidence of “malicious or discriminatory intent” by the officers, the head of the department’s internal-affairs unit wrote in his findings.

This in spite of the fact that not only were the teens left in the van  but remained there for 15 hours in the cold without food, water or toilet facilities. Not only that but the cops took away their cell phones to make sure that no one was alerted to the fact they were in the back of a police van for hours on end. Cops even used the van with the kids in the back to run a couple more calls that day. They claim they just did not notice the kids. My oh my.

Upon arriving at police headquarters, some of the teens were led inside the building. The remaining handful — mostly of Asian descent, and all of whom had their cellphones confiscated — were kept locked in the van and weren’t acknowledged when two officers returned to the vehicle later to respond to a couple of calls before they took the van back to police headquarters, the suit said.

It was 3 p.m. the next day when some citizen walked by the van and noticed the teens. One assumes they were a loud bunch by then for the passer-by to notice them. Anyway the citizen called the police and alerted them that there were kids in their van.

The idea that the police “just forgot” the teens is heifer dust. The cops were punishing the teens for the loud party. The cops could have arrested them and booked them all nice and legal and let the judge handle the punishment, but they choose to enforce street justice on the boys. Why? Was it because they were Asian or was it because they were teen boys? Who knows? But they were American citizens who had not been convicted in a court of law and were treated to brutal conditions.

As long as Americans allow the police to get away with such brutal acts all Americans will remain slave cattle at the mercy of the out of control police.


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