A lady shares her family story and thoughts on collectivism

I was sent the following story by a friend I met on Twitter. She is a little shy about telling it and so I present it here without her name and without any link to her at all. I enjoyed the story; it is a trip though time from oriental despotism (or feudalism) to communism to fascism. It is a story of revolution gone bad and a family living through it to come to the “free world”. It is the story of her family and their escape from tyranny. I hope you like it as much as I did.


A Very Brief family history and My thoughts on collectivism

My father was born in China during a very tumultuous time. Between the Japanese invasion and civil war raging on between the Communist Party and the Nationalists. My Grandfather was a higher up in the Chiang Kai-shek army. They were a part of the 2 million who fled to Taiwan at the end of the war when the CCP took over. My Grandmother strapped her infant son on her back and guided my 8 year old father and his older brother to the coast on bound feet.

They knew the evils ahead despite their participation in the evils past. I am in no way supportive of fascists or nationalists even in the face of my family’s affiliation. The purpose of this post is more-so to point out why I think central planning in any form is a government nonetheless and without a doubt will become far more oppressive than what “the people” could ever imagine no matter how good the intentions were at the beginning of the movement.

Fist of all, let’s take a look at the premise behind the Revolution. The people were fed up with the inequalities and hardships they faced under feudal times and even with the dissolution of the monarch, found it was not much different. The CCP appealed to the people because it promised equality, working together, sharing, et cetera. Sound familiar? The people wanted to be taken care of by their government not much unlike the “occupy” movements that are going on today.

Mao Zedong was not called “dictator.” He wasn’t called “President” or “Prime Minister.” He wasn’t even called “Leader.” He was the “Chairman” of a central planning committee. The country had established the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (this name would change several times before it became the People’s Republic of China or PRC). It was intended to be a structure much like the one I hear people clamor for today. It was a structure that promised to cater to the people’s interests. They successfully centralized government on this premise and made the people feel like they had a voice by letting the peasant class be a part of associations that worked alongside the governing body.

Many horrors commenced following the PRC establishment. I don’t intend to go into them or recount the history of the PRC. Notable events to research: The Great Leap Forward in which anywhere from 10-45 million (there is no way of ever knowing the true casualty count) Chinese perished to famine. Also the Cultural Revolution where China was stripped of it’s “old ways.” A great movie portraying the hardships of a family through this era is To Live.

The purpose of this post is to explain why I do not believe in the ideals conveyed to me by the communist or syndicalist types. I do not believe in a planning committee. I don’t believe in the success of a horizontal structure as I feel it will NEVER truly remain horizontal. It doesn’t take much to topple a carefully balanced weight to one side or the other. I am not at all interested in being a part of a collective and be required to “share” by force.

I place no titles on myself aside from Voluntaryist. My political, religious, philosophical views are always growing and being shaped with age, experience, and information intake. However Voluntaryism will always remain a constant. Because I want to be an individual. I want to give out of my own compassion and humanity, not because I have to. I want to own myself.


I found the story, and the closing especially, to be powerful and moving. I told her so in a private message. The conclusion she reached is spot on target. Anytime some small group gets to make the rules and tell others what to do; the situation will lead sooner or later to tyranny.

She has concluded, just as I have, that The State is the “organization of the political means”; which means that it is the systematic, predatory process over a given territory. The State is a  “legal” and brutal monopoly of force, theft and destruction. It destroys private property rights. Since production must always come first, the free market proceeds the State, and the State then lives off of the private production as a vampire bat sucking the life blood from the populous. The State was born in conquest and exploitation: born in evil and forever must remain evil.


6 thoughts on “A lady shares her family story and thoughts on collectivism

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  2. I wonder how many people became interested in learning about history, economics, politics, voluntaryism, libertarianism, etc, upon learning that their family escaped from a country with a particularly brutal regime.

    Julie Borowski is the first example that came to mind. As she says in the short clip below, one of her main motivations for promoting liberty is because her family escaped communism in the Soviet Union and that is one of her main inspirations she gives for why she promotes liberty: (About 15 seconds…) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axt05BmguIY&t=5m47s

    • Yes indeed, many people who fight for liberty and freedom came here escaping the brutality of some other regime and they want to continue the fight. Others like Dr. Ron Paul just seem to instinctively know that we must fight for liberty for the sake of the coming generations even though I don’t think he has ever personally experienced tyranny.

      I come at the question from the angle of wanting fairness for everyone, peace among people, and material needs met for all. That ultimately leads me to the laissez-faire market, private property rights, voluntary cooperation, and anarchy. So I speak out, or write, while I can.

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