The problem with climate models and adjusted records

I don’t often write about the “catastrophic man-made global warming” issue, but today I wanted to say a few words about the “adjustments” in the record, computer models, cherry picking, and what that means to climate predictions. I don’t have time at present to do any links, this is just a short rant and my opinion. I hope to do a much longer piece this summer when I have more free time.

Many modern climate “scientists” (I speak of the alarmists here) are paying more attention to their computer models than they are to the actual real world data. And when they do use collected data it is “adjusted” data that for some reason is always adjusted higher in the present and lower in the past. That is most convenient for them.

The real problem though seems to be that they take temperatures from 1980 to 2000 and compare those readings to the CO2 increase during that span and come up with a climate sensitivity number. But if you add 2000-2010 to the equations then climate become less “sensitive”. In fact, the climate shows no warming with rising CO2 during the 2000s at all.

The climate scientists could have gone back to 1910 to 2000 and compared temperature change to CO2 increase. If they had done that then they would have come up with a far less sensitivity to CO2; or possibly even no sensitivity at all. They intentionally picked a portion of the temperature record where the slope of the curve was close to the slope of CO2 increase and decided that there was a cause and effect relationship.This cherry picking was called fraud when I was in school many years ago; but somehow these “scientists” see no problem with coming up with a hypothesis and fudging data to support it.

The scientists could have noticed that the change in temperature from 1910 to 1940, using unadjusted data, was nearly identical to the the change in temperature from 1975 to 2005 and the curve of CO2 change was quite different during the two periods. Somehow this obvious fact was overlooked in their rush to claim that we are all headed toward a climate Armageddon if we don’t give them Billions in grant money and enable the governments to force us to freeze in the dark by cutting back on energy use.

But now with the lack of any warming (or even cooling) of the last 16 years they are being forced to explain the lack of recent change, even as they are going back into the databases and altering them to remove the previous rise to create the illusion of continued warming. They are “adjusting” the databases and in a couple of decades the record will look back at our time and reflect no stop in warming at all. In other words, I have little doubt that 20 years from now we will see in the databases that warming never stopped after 2000. The hiatus in warming will simply be adjusted away as if it never happened.

The CO2 is poison mantra has become a religion with these scientists and their “environmentalists” supporters. There does not seem to be any way to talk logic to them since it is now a religion with them. No matter what the present weather is they holler global warming did it! Record highs, record lows, no snow, record snow, people freezing, people getting hit with a hurricane, record low in hurricane strikes, or whatever … anything at all is proof to them that the world is in danger due to the activities of man.

These charlatans are destroying real science.



2 thoughts on “The problem with climate models and adjusted records

  1. Regarding the policies that people debate over while debating over whether or not humans are heating up the earth, I always point out that the answer to one disagreement has no baring on the other. Even if the “alarmists” were completely right, many of the policies that they want to implement still would not be justified.

    • Good point. Seven Billion plus people can not live on the planet if we try to return to a 19th century agrarian life. So, we should adapt if there ever was a drastic climate change. After all, adapting is what humans do best.

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