Netanyahu and Iran

This past week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared his belief that ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 nations were futile and he again sounded the drums for war. He wants the US to destroy Iran like we have so many countries in the middle east. He has been warning of the eminent danger of Iran developing a bomb since at least 1996. Note this 1996 speech given by Netanyahu to a joint session of the US Congress which is notable for its hysterical warnings of the dire threat of allowing Iran to exist as a free nation. Israel is demanding that the US decimate the Iranian culture and people with our military.

Just today the news was WAR DRUMS: Obama ‘not bluffing’ over Iran military threat… The vice president signaled that Obama intends to murder a lot of innocent Persian women and children. Biden said that … “a military option remained on the table.” At the same time the news in France had: “Netanyahu: Closer to ‘red line’…” in spite of the fact that the warmongering Netanyahu has been trying to get Iran destroyed for years and years. It is easy to see why; with the Persians destroyed Netanyahu would lead the only major power left in the middle east. Monstrous how many have been killed to satisfy the Israelis.


The last time the Persians of Iran engaged in anything that could remotely be considered aggressive war was in the early 17th century and that was when the concept of aggressive war was was not very well developed. Now some 70 years after the US government prosecuted Germans and Japanese for starting and engaging in an aggressive war in WWII we should all know better. Or at least that attacking other nations in an aggressive war of choice is immoral, plus being illegal under international law. In contrast to the Persians, the US and its puppet states have killed millions of innocent men, women, and children in the Middle East over the last few decades with no possible justification. The US and its minions have left tons of depleted uranium spent ammunition for destruction of the gene pool of the people. Uranium dust has covered the land due to the murderous American bloodlust. Many deformed babies will be the “humanitarian” legacy of the US and its puppet lackeys. This is just one act among many other “humanitarian” gestures. Note that without a single act of aggression by any of these middle east nations the US and the west have been destroying people, property, and culture there wholesale for decades. So which country is the more dangerous?

Iran has no nuclear weapons and there is no evidence that they are trying to make any such weapons while there is much evidence that they are not doing so. If Iran ever developed or purchased nuclear weapons, they still have no proven long-term delivery platform. And yet the criminal US and Israel have enough nukes to destroy all of the middle east in short order. The US is the only nation in the world to have used nuclear weapons on another country, and did so against an enemy that was already utterly defeated and trying to negotiate a surrender. Why does Israel have the “right” to hundreds of nuclear weapons and Iran is not even to be allowed the theoretical capability to develop one?

The UK and US overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 and installed the Shah of Iran who was a brutal dictator. The US has used for decades the excuse that Israel is the only “democracy” in the middle east to give it billions of dollars in weapons and foreign aid. If you overthrow any attempt at democracy and support dictators around the region, you should not be baffled at there being no democracies flourishing around the region.

The US provided backing to Iraq after it invaded Iran without warning in an aggressive war of choice.  The monetary and military support of the US to Iraq allowed that aggressor nation to continue the disastrous war even longer than it would have been able to do otherwise. There are some experts who believe that the invasion of Iran by Iraq was encouraged beforehand by the US for its own nefarious reasons.

In an act of pure evil the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian airliner in 1988 while it was flying in Iranian airspace. All 290 aboard were killed and 66 of them were children. The murderers of these innocent civilians have never been held accountable for their actions.

So which nation, exactly, is the existential threat? Is it the Persians who have not attacked another country in modern times or is it the USA which is the most war-like nation to have ever existed on the face of this planet?

My god people, there is an oppressive theocracy in Iran that is there due to our past actions and it holds high moral ground over the US government. Smoke that one over for awhile.

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