The assault on the individual and the 4th amendment

Someone, it does not matter who it was, on a thread of conversation at a large political site said to someone else:

“You are rejecting Enlightenment, liberal values. For they are the mother’s milk of our “American 4th Amendment.”

The trouble is that so many people out there that even if they are anti-war and mostly pro “civil liberties” still don’t seem to have any idea what the Enlightenment was, nor what the liberalism that came with it was.

” … From the struggle of the Dutch against the absolutism of the Spanish Hapsburgs issued a polity that manifested basically liberal traits: the rule of law, including especially a firm adherence to property rights; de facto religious toleration; considerable freedom of expression; and a central government of severely limited powers. The astonishing success of the Dutch experiment exerted a “demonstration effect” on European social thought and, gradually, political practice. This was even truer of the later example of England. Throughout the history of liberalism, theory and social reality interacted, with theory stimulated and refined through the observation of practice, and attempts to reform practice undertaken with reference to more accurate theory. …” (historian Ralph Raico)

Another source puts it this way: “Classical liberalism (also called classic liberalism or simply liberalism) is the original form of, and is today a tendency within, liberalism. It is a political school of thought that first emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries, upholding individualism and free market economics. Classical liberalism focuses on concepts of individual autonomy and private property, and argues that the sole legitimate function of government is to defend these. Classical liberals promote the use of precisely delineated constitutions that are difficult or impossible to modify, intended to prevent governments from assuming an interventionist role.”

I do wish today’s collectivists who act as if they hate the individual with a passion would stop using the word “liberal” since they are the opposite of the liberals who gave us the philosophy in the first place. Collectivists like the “modern-liberal” or the “social-liberal” have worked hard in the US to give us this world wide Evil Empire by destroying all notion of the natural rights of the individual. I hope those people are happy with the dystopia that they have built, but one is led to believe that they never meant for it all to turn out like it has.

The idea of the 4th Amendment to the US constitution was supposed to be like England’s idea that a “man’s home is his castle and all the king’s men are unable to enter uninvited”. But now that security of a man’s home and papers, in both countries, is just a fable told of old times in a mythical place called England. The sovereign’s minions have grown strong and totally without constraint. In the USA it was done in the name of the welfare/warfare state — a thing supported by both so-called conservatives and so-called liberals. Make no mistake, the destruction of individual liberty started long, long before the 2001 attacks in New York City.

Egalitarianism, that Revolt Against Nature, has destroyed the idea of the sovereign individual in the western world. Look around and see the fruits of this evil. Why do I pick “egalitarianism”? It was the idea that no one should prosper above the others that led to the belief that stealing from the productive to give to the non-productive is morally legitimate. It was the justification of the ancient evil of thievery. To enable that theft and wealth re-distribution in society required the support of the state as it was the entity with the force and power to make a great leveling happen. And now here we sit; all of us with no protections of the constitution at all — only an illusion of constitutional protections. And the so-called “liberals” in the US are crying in their beer (or is that their white wine?) at the power and force of the central government that is being used against them.

It is on that day that you agree to use the force of government to coerce others to act in a manner you would have them act that we first trod down the road to collectivism and tyranny. If a man is not committing aggression against anyone else, then there is no reason to interfere with his life. To feel bad for certain groups in society is natural and you should do what you can to help your fellow man; as long as you don’t become a thief stealing from one group to give to the other. For as soon as you join the state and will the taking of anyone’s property you debase all property rights and toss the right to own what is yours out the window.

And now the Obama administration wants to bypass the 4th amendment and use the large phone service and Internet providers to know everything about you there is to know, and all without any warrant or judicial oversight. We already have SWAT teams busting down people’s doors and attacking people in their homes. We already have militarized police that swagger around in full military gear. When the society first allowed people to be robbed “for the good of the poor” we started down this nightmare road.

It looks like only the downfall of the present system will allow us to start back on a road to peace, prosperity, and progress.


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