Hired Killer for the State now says He is Sorry

I read in the Mail Online that a former hired killer for the US Empire is hurting physiologically because he now realizes he is a mass murderer.

A former drone operator who helped kill 1,626 targets says he’s haunted by the carnage he witnessed from behind his computer screen.

Brandon Bryant, 27, served as a drone operator from 2006 to 2011 at bases in Nevada, New Mexico and Iraq. It was a desk job of sorts, but unlike any other, it involved ordering unmanned aircraft to kill faraway targets while he watched.

In an interview with NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel, Bryant recalled one operation where his team fired two missiles from a drone at three men in Afghanistan.

‘The guy that was running forward, he’s missing his right leg,’ he said, recalling what he saw of the scene through the thermal images on his screen. ‘And I watch this guy bleed out and, I mean, the blood is hot.’

He recalled watching the mens’ bodies grow cold, as slowly the red color detecting the heat of their bodies grew smaller.

‘I can see every little pixel if I just close my eyes,’ he said. … [full story here]

Brandon Bryant is said to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after killing over a sixteen hundred humans, most of who were guilty of nothing other than being Arab and in the sights of the US Empire. This former killer now says that he has sought help for his emotional distress. In many ways I am sympathetic to him now that he has come forward to talk about what he did, but in many ways I am not sympathetic. I remain conflicted.

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces

Mr. Bryant signed up to sit in a control room and kill civilians half-way around the world. None of these people would be wearing the uniform of some foreign army, and sometimes they would be at a wedding or funeral when they were “droned”. Any half-wit could see that we were going to kill mostly innocent people and that we were going to kill them in a most cowardly way.  In many ways Mr. Bryant is experiencing Karma in just the subtle way that many in the East conceive of it. The man made his own bed and now gets to lie down in it. Some will say that he was “only a boy” when he made the choice to become a paid assassin for the Empire. One can say that of nearly all the people who have joined the criminal conspiracy called the US military, but that does not excuse them any more than one is excused after joining the Mafia as a hit man.

In certain respects there is no “US Military”. That term is just shorthand for saying all the individuals who work together to carry out the will of the politicians running the government of the Empire. “The Army” does not kill women and children in the Middle East — real live American men and women do that. Everyone who joins the military is part of the giant conspiracy to murder, occupy, and destroy civilizations overseas. How can one forgive such evil much less call these killers “heroes”?

You think calling these killers sub-human would be over the top? Let us look at the situation. Is it okay to kill? I don’t mean bugs, snakes, or cows. I don’t mean chickens to eat. (topic for another day) What I mean is simple: “is it okay to kill a human being?”. I am not talking about someone trying to kill you, rape the wife, kidnap the children, burn down the barn, or any other unwarranted act of aggression. I mean is it OK to kill someone who has never done you any harm? Is it OK to kill others when it is not in self defense or defense against aggression? Is it OK to kill someone who has not threatened or committed violence or aggression against you or your family?

Of course it is immoral to kill people for no reason other than you want to dominate their land. Brutal occupations have always been seen as evil. But many Americans have tons of excuses they make up for our hired killers. They claim they are “protecting us”. But no one has ever been “protected” by killing innocent men, women, and children. The US government has perfected its propaganda and accuses innocent men and women everywhere of being threats to our civilization. But to kill the innocent is to kill all of the humanity inside yourself. To commit aggression against those who have not done anything to you is the ultimate sin.

In spite of the immorality of these hired killers we civilians are expected to heap glory and honor upon them. Many revere and idolize the military men and even post signs honoring their murderous exploits. People greet service men in airports and thank them for their freedoms! Can you believe that rubbish? They are recognized at sporting events and prayed over in church as if they were the saints. It has become “un-American” to question the military in any way. We are not to question its size, budget, mission, bureaucracy, contractors, weaponry, effectiveness, or its many wars. To do so is to question America itself.

As Fred Reed pointed out:

Sometimes when I board an airplane the head stew asks passengers to applaud the sacrifices our brave soldiers have made in defending the United States. I don’t applaud. For one thing, no soldier has defended the United States since 1945. For another, any dentist, bus driver, or musician has done more to benefit the country, and less to bankrupt it and give it a bad name, than all the armed services combined. Why don’t we applaud dentists?

It is curious that soldiers are held in honor, revered, and regarded as national heroes. Psychopathic serial killers who murders fifteen co-eds are viewed with revulsion. Why the difference? The young women killed by Ted Bundy were utterly innocent. So were the Iraqis murdered by the Air Force in Baghdad. I don’t see why pointlessly killing the unoffending in one country is admirable, but in another, isn’t.

Of course, soldiers are better at it, and thus much more destructive. They kill hugely, wreaking havoc, destroying countries and lives and cities, while the Bundys get only a few. The distinction is one of efficiency and scale. Morally they are indistinguishable.

When the American Warrior Culture is finally seen for the evil that it is, then and only then may we see peace. Since at least World War One the USA has been looking for wars and conflicts to get into. We always use propaganda to blame the intentions of the other side and we dehumanize them. No matter how transparently dishonest the US propaganda is, it always seems to work on enough of the America people to win the rulers their next conflict.

It is time to consider that the men and women carrying the guns and controlling the drones are the enemies of mankind. You want protection? Then consider how the Swiss opted out of war.

The Swiss finalized their no-wars policy of armed neutrality in 1815. Their decentralized citizen army was good enough to keep them out of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, World War I, and other European gang fights. In 1934, they addressed the looming threat of aerial bombing by starting a massive civil-defense effort. They maintained their citizen army and kept out of World War II, even while provoking Hitler by letting Jews hide their assets in secret Swiss bank accounts. Many Jews only escaped the Holocaust because they had their money where Nazi tax authorities couldn’t get it.

It is high time that well meaning citizens of the US stop praising the murderous men and women who join the military and spread death and destruction over the whole world at the whim of the rulers. It is high time to see the hired killers for what they really are.

14 thoughts on “Hired Killer for the State now says He is Sorry

  1. 1626 people. War is the health of the state? Maybe, but as I have noticed several others point out recently, the state is the health of war. Without the state he would not have become a mass murderer.

  2. “It is high time to see the hired killers for what they really are.” Yes! And then go the next step. Discourage enlistments and re-ups. Encourage those in the military to leave it ASAP. For those not persuaded by reasoned logic to have no part of the military, including as civilian employees/contractors, the proper response is to reduce and even entirely withdraw voluntary association. To continue voluntary association with Government Enforcers and Enforcer-Enablers (support personnel) is to condone the killer actions that is the prime purpose of the current military.

    There is no “homeland” defense for USers and has not been for many decades; there is only perpetuation and growth of the US Empire. However, the State/Empire can not grow or even maintain its current state without Enforcers. Dissuading large numbers from becoming or staying Government Military Enforcers/Enablers will deprive those politicians who cry “national security” or “War on Terrorism” from what actually results: that individuals everywhere are less secure and more likely objects of retribution.

    Strip the masks from these “heroes”, show them for what they are. In essence also, put mirrors up and let them see themselves. Additionally, you would not knowingly be friends with a murderer, so do not honor with your friendship Government Enforcers/Enablers who insist on remaining such.

    • Kitty, you know I am with you on that comment. There is no honor at all in being a killer of innocent women and children. And I have been reading in various places that the US military has a “rape culture” to boot. Bad stuff.

    • Thanks for the kind words. There are many people who have said the same thing better, but since I have seen the military culture up close through family I do have strong opinions on it.

    • All I have to say? Not really. It was all I had time to write though. Turns out the philosophers were correct — time is a precious commodity.

      Is that all he had to say? I hope he is sorry but so far he is just talking about his own Conscience bothering him.

      Note: comment edited when Kitty explained I had misread the comment. Sorry about that.

      • Mark, I think Mike is referring to the “sorry” that Brandon Bryant is supposed to be expressing. Actually I don’t see the word itself in the Daily Mail story, either stated by him or about him. Just your “rant” title. But likely Bryant is sorry he ever signed up for kind of assignment, via drone killing. Maybe he wouldn’t be so “traumatized” if he killed in the more typical (still for now) manner and numbers as most military Enforcers…
        I don’t see that Bryant ever expressed any desire to try to restitute his victims or survivors. If he actually thought in those terms, I think he would be on the way to settling his mind now that he’s “in Montana, where he is haunted by that number [1626 people he killed] and the images of carnage that he saw [after he created them].”

        You said plenty and did it well.

        • You are right. I should stop replying before my morning coffee. I will edit my reply to reflect that.

          The fellow Bryant never really apologized or stated he would not do it again in the story but one hopes he is sorry. If his Conscience is bothering him, he should repent the actions that prompt the crisis of conscience.

  3. They have a belief that “the power to cause pain is the only power that matters, the power to kill and destroy, because if you can’t kill you are always subject to those who can” (Card). Gacy often brought his victims in and out of consciousness and asked them, “How do you feel, knowing that you’re going to die?” (Newton). Killing is usually the only way they can achieve those feelings of empowerment. Fears of rejection and power are major themes of most serial killings, but perfection plays a role in some cases. Some killers seek to “improve” something. They often see a category of people, such as women or prostitutes, as “unclean”, and see their removal of those beings as improving the world. Or, they think that killing the victim, usually in some sort of a ritualistic manner, redeems the victim their wrongdoings. In that case, the killer is a special being and the victim is “chosen” and should be grateful. They often find the victim’s ingratitude infuriating, though unfortunately foreseeable (Lester).

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