It can happen here and it already has

The American Revolution brought about very little change. The governments of the new states and their central union were based on the traditions of the British people and were an affirmation of the principles that had evolved over centuries; principles like due process, habeas corpus, government by consent, limited legislative power, private property rights, personal privacy and individual rights. It is true that the Americans designed a Republic to take the place of the Monarchy, but from the perspective of the common man, precious little had changed after the revolutionary war. The Americans gained a written Constitution while the British had an unwritten one and a few other minor things, but little had changed after the war when you compare the American revolution to the French revolution that came a short time later. The French Revolution ushered in a reign of terror and a dictatorship as did the Russian Revolution after that.

The American state held to the principles of the revolution to a great degree for about a century. I know that many could argue that the overthrow of the Articles of Confederation in favor of the American Constitution was a major coup, but the principles outlined in the Bill of Rights were essentially the rights that revolution was about preserving for the new nation.

Like the Western World in general, the United States has been riding a wave of progressivism since the end of the 1800s. Progressivism is the ideology of the large, powerful Nanny State which has fueled ever larger and more controlling governments all over the West in general and in the US Empire in particular. There has been a movement away from a limited-government tradition and towards government taking over more and more areas that were once seen as the province and responsibility of the individual or of the local communities. Leftists in the European Union have created a Nanny State that proudly boasts of “cradle to grave” protection of the citizen and the US is not very far behind the EU even if the US still pays some small lip-service to “individualism” at times. (mostly at election time)

But all the state intervention into the lives of the citizen is not enough it is claimed. Every policy failure brings about calls for more power. But no matter how much power the state obtains, it is not enough. It never is enough. It will never be enough until the state’s power is absolute over the lives of the people and they tremble in fear of their masters. Those who crave power over others always want more power, and when their attempts to remake society fall short of the intended mark, the blame is always laid on some alleged “lack” of power and legislation.

There was poverty in the land and so it was claimed that the poverty “justified” the welfare state. We declared a “war on poverty” and in due course, when the economy subsequently floundered, more welfare was said to be needed. The progressive mind is a wonder to behold — it is like a train wreck. Once the welfare state had undermined individual dignity and responsibility we saw ever rising rates of crime and other pathologies. We have seen ever more police powers, SWAT teams, electronic surveillance of all kinds, and a general breakdown of due process all in the name of making the citizen “safer”. We have given the central government more power to wage endless wars, take over and control entire industries, jail people without a trial or sometimes even a charge, use the military against the people, micro-manage the health care system, and endless other power grabs.

You think you’ve private lives
Think nothing of the kind
There is no true escape
I’m watching all the time

I’m made of metal
My circuits gleam
I am perpetual
I keep the country clean…

~ Judas Priest, “Electric Eye”

electronic snooping in divorce

Of course the latest news of electronic spying by the NSA simply slaps the average citizen in the face with the news that he should have guessed years ago. The central government is building a police state and the average citizen is asleep to that fact or is afraid to speak up about the building tyranny. The US Empire is so far beyond being constrained in any way by the Constitution that it is laughable to think that there will be any end to the NSA snooping on the citizens. The best that can be hoped for is for the programs to be slowed a bit while they are re-branded under some other name or moved to some other agency.

One commenter said that the facts show that the present state of American Tyranny is a unified project with all three branches of government colluding to produce a bureaucratic machine that is beyond the capability of any one branch of government to control. Even though there may be occasional differences of opinion about small tactical matters, the main project of  power accumulation continues apace. The President, being the chief of the executive branch, has the job of putting all agreed measures into effect and so naturally receives the most attention as if the whole project were his alone, but it is a State project lead by the ruling elite.

The obvious question that comes to mind is, “now what?”. One must work as hard as one can to inform his fellow citizens of the reality of the situation and seek to undermine the legitimacy of the state in any way he can. First and foremost you must reject the legitimacy of the state yourself. One way to do so is to stop voting. If that seems to drastic for you just now, try to not vote in national elections, but whatever you decide you must try to lead by example as you teach your fellow citizens. Thomas Paine was a radical even as he sowed the seeds of radical action. We must seek to emulate him.


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